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Another article on obesity by Cheryl Lavin

I agree with all of the contributers but Jennifer.  Without knowing all of the facts, I would have to guess that she is consuming too many calories.  You can eat only healthy foods, but you still have to be within your BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) for weight loss or maintenance.  She is obviously doing enough activity to not gain, but needs to reduce calories to lose.  Period.


Moderator or Abstainer?

Unfortunately, it seems I am an abstainer.

When I went to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago I did indulge in a few buffets. I pretty much avoided rice, pasta, bread…….I would eat protein and veggies….but then I would PIG OUT on sweets.

What I have noticed is when I weighed 300 pounds, while I would not pass up desserts, I actually preferred the pastas/pizzas/rices/breads. Now, when I eat “off plan” I could not care less about pastas/pizzas/rices/breads but cannot get enough sugar.

It seems that now all sugar, in any form, even fruits, are a trigger food for me. That is going to be my biggest challenge with maintenance when I finally get there.