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It was many big yays



Not enough time to write now.  Maybe later.  But I’m back, safe and sound.  I laughed more than I have in years.  I got more sun than I have in years.  There were many things I did more than I have in years.  It was all wonderful.  All of it.  Every second.

I did end up eating off plan (staying on plan at Death Valley was no issue….Vegas on the other hand…..), but was only up 4.5, which is just glycogen/water/hormones.  Back 100% on plan today, will be in ketosis by Thursday, and should be back to 188 in no time, and then goal number (whatever that will be) here I come!

When is the next vacation?




This morning I weighed in at 188.7, down from 189.0 the other day.  On Thursday, 4/11, I weighed 205.3.  So I will take the 16.6 weight loss for 2 weeks.  Yes, it was mostly water & glycogen, but some of it’s “real”.  From this point until my goal it will be probably 1-2 pounds per week, which is A-OK with me.

A few weeks ago my doctor thought 170 would be a great goal.  As I get closer to that number, I just don’t know.  Perhaps I’ll go to 160 and play in the 160’s with normal fluctuations.

I know 2 things for sure:

  1. My face has never looked thinner.  I shocked myself in the work restroom today my face looks so good.
  2. My blood pressure was 100/66 this morning at the doctor’s office (yearly checkup).  She joked they would have to revive me.  Public service announcement….ideal blood pressure is 120/80.  Until the end of July 2012 when I went off of BP meds, I had been on blood pressure meds since my early 20’s.
  3. I’m leaving for vacation in less than 48 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could life get any better?  SURE!!!!  Why not?  I deserve it!

Have a great day everybody!



I’m really tired so I predict this post will be short and boring.

Because I love bullet points and lists…..

  • I’m really tired.  I did not sleep the last several days due to having a lot going on with wrapping up school for this semester and preparing for my trip.  I’m not looking for sympathy, just stating a fact.
  • I’m also tired because I’m currently living around stress, which is not fun for anyone.  Hopefully that improves soon.  If not, I’m leaving Saturday, so it will at least improve then.
  • Yesterday morning I weighed a new all-time low of 189.0.  Previously low was 189.4.  I’m now in new weight loss.  Typical for me, when I hit a new low I stay off the scale for a few days lest it bounces up slightly.
  • Once I hit 185 I will clinically be “overweight” and no longer “obese”.  I do believe if I hit that weight by my trip I may not deviate from my diet at all on my trip.  But I may not deviate anyway.  Yeah, it might be a little difficult to resist some temptations, but I’ll be having plenty of fun that it won’t be too bad.  Case in point….this morning someone brought in a plethora of bagels, donuts, fruit, and coffee and sat them on the cabinets right down my cube row.  I took some coffee, smelled the donuts and bagels, and went on my way.  And I didn’t even have my usual “really?” whine that I normally have with all of the food in the office.
  • I have only 2 more meetings to get through today, so hopefully I can do it with the ability to string coherent thoughts together.  I’m only attending them, not leading them, so that takes some pressure off.

Over and out.



OK, so I’m doing a quick blog while I’m listening to my grad school class chat.

I found a swimsuit.  It took a village.  Told you it would.

I had swim pieces and parts from Kohl’s, Carson Pirie Scott, and Spanx.  And the winner…………bottom from Carson Pirie Scott, top from Spanx.  And I look like the after picture of Jabba the Hut’s mother.  😉

I have 2 dresses, of which I will take one and save one for other occasions.  I bought underclothing (I needed to anyway) and one new set of PJ’s (I needed to anyway).

Long story short….I’ve been shopping without my mom, so overbought to try things on for her at home so she could help me decide, then I did a round of returns this evening.  CRAZY!!!

This weekend I have to be sequestered with my final exam.  I also have to fit in my good friend for a Friday night dinner & shoe shopping.  Saturday is a hair trim.

I prepared some meals for over the weekend today while I prepared tonight’s dinner.

I’m making myself tired just looking at this.

And…..I’m putting a bow on a few things at work before I head out as well.

But I can’t wait!  To get out of town will be just what the doctor ordered!  To be in the warmth and sun will be heavenly!  To be in the company of someone I genuinely admire, enjoy, and adore will be the icing on the cake.

On the diet front I weighed in at 191.1 this morning….so 14.2 lost in one week.  I’m down 2 inches in my waist since my last official weigh-in at my clinic on 3/28.  My coach thinks the 15 pound gain was water weight but also inflammation of insides being really mad at me for eating crappy food.  We also talked about my vacation and what I’m going to do about eating.  Long story short……no alcohol for me (no big loss) because people can black out if they drink while in ketosis.  Also, I’m going to go ahead and have some desserts, but for the most part stick to my products (which I’m bringing) and also protein and veggies.

Oh, and she just attended a 4 day seminar of Ideal Protein where the experts spoke for one hour….one full hour….on why people in Phase 1 should NOT run.  Yep.  So I really was fighting myself for 3 months.   Starving all the time and losing muscle.  Great.  At least I’m on the straight and narrow again.

Rock on!

Yay! Vacation! Yay!


I’m going on a trip!

I’m going away for 7 days!  I do not recall the last time I traveled for longer than 5 days.  I’m going to Vegas with a special person in my life and it will be a great time!

Because I’m still in size transition, I purchased a TON of summer clothing at SAVERS yesterday for $79.81.  Last year, the last time I wore summer clothing, I weighed 50-70 pounds more than now, so those clothes are long gone.  Because I’m looking to only lose 20-30 more pounds I do think at lease *some* of these clothes will work into the summer.  I did not buy anything on the verge of “big” so they should last a little while.

Booked myself for a mani-pedi 2 nights before I leave, and have a hair trim scheduled for early Saturday.  I also have to fit in doing my final exam for school this weekend.  I worked it out with my professor that instead of releasing the final to me on Friday, 4/26 and a due date of 5/1 11:59pm, she would release it to my Friday, 4/19 and it will be due Wednesday, 4/24 11:59pm.  On 4/24 I have one other assignment also do (90% completed) and a short blog statement & response.  So this coming weekend I will be packed full of vacation prep.


In IP/weight loss news I weighed in at 191.5 this morning.  OK folks, last Thursday, as in 6 days ago I weighed 205.4.  I’ve lost 13.9 pounds in one week.  I did not even do that the first week of IP when I weighed 304.9 (I believe I lost 8).  So this brings up some questions for me to ask my weight loss coach tomorrow night when I see her.

1.  Was this mostly “fake weight” that made me gain 15 pounds in 2 weeks and that is why I’m losing it so quickly?

2.  Or is it my metabolism is better due to the fact that I have built muscle with working out January – April?  If that’s the case, then why didn’t my metabolism help me NOT gain the 15 pounds.  

3.  Could some allergy make me retain so much water?  We’ve suspected gluten or dairy in the past…..but since I basically gorged on sugar, could it be sugar?

My BMR is around 1600 calories at this weight.  This means simply by existing on earth and not exercising I could maintain my weight at 1600 calories per day.  When I was off Ideal Protein those 2 weeks I was still running, which means I would get to eat a bit extra to make up for what I burned in exercise.  One pound is 3500 calories.  To GAIN weight let’s say I would have to average an extra 3500 calories per day ON TOP OF the 1600 calories per day, every day for 14 days to gain 15 pounds.  And that, my friends, DID NOT HAPPEN.  So what did happen?  This is what I need to find out.

I will work with my coach to figure out a plan for my vacation.  My space food (protein shake packets) and bars won’t take much weight/room in the suitcase.  Most days I can be careful (eat only proteins and veggies)….but I will want some desserts and some alcoholic beverages and some diet soda and some carbs.  So I will need to figure this out with her help.

Yesterday morning I had a short period of time, before I ate anything, where I became incredibly nauseous, and felt like I had ice water in my veins but was sweating, and was short of breath.  It went as quickly as it came.  A friend of mine from work thinks I had a low blood sugar episode.  So I will need to research that and prevent that in the future.  I’ve never experienced this before, so more research is needed.

This has been a bit of a mish-mosh today.  Stream of consciousness.  Oh well.

🙂  Have a great Wednesday!

Happy Monday (yawn)


Here we go.  Another start to the week!  

What did I do this weekend?  A lot!  Spent time with many friends, and that was lovely.  Sunday’s weather was decent, not as warm as promised, but sunny and not bad.  I’ve had the opportunity to explore many places I’ve never seen before, and that’s been really interesting.  Seems I’m probably going to have more of that opportunity soon, with some potential travel in the works.

The trickiest thing about traveling to a warmer climate is the fact that last time I wore summer clothing I was way bigger.  That clothing has long been donated.  So I’m basically going to be shopping for a summer wardrobe in a hurry.  I’m going to try Savers for shorts and t-shirts, and Target/Walmart too.  Kohls is a definite option.  I tried on my sandals this morning and they are both big, but would probably work.  The one thing I’ll buy new is a swimsuit because I’m not going to wear someone’s donated suit.  I draw the line at swimsuits and underwear.

Much to schedule and plan.  But it will all be so much fun!  I do hope the trip happens, but you just never know until it’s actually booked.  

On the IP/weight loss front….I made it through days 4 & 5 without fatigue or headaches…..I’m fully in ketosis now, feeling great, and losing weight.  194.1 this morning.

Out for now.

Yay for the weekend!


This weekend I had a fabulous time seeing some sites from a different perspective, and some for the first time.

Ended up getting a tour of West Roger’s Park on Friday night, where I heard a lot of interesting stories, many of them quite funny, but always fascinating.  Then hung out at The Hop Haus in Rogers Park.  After meeting some nice people there, one of whom picked up part of the tab, ended up at Uncommon Ground with some friends.

Saturday I traveled with A Special Person to Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, home of both Illinois State University and Illinois Wesleyan University.  It was a really nice day weather-wise, although a bit windy, but it was lovely to be outside for so much of the day and evening.  We did a decent amount of walking around the campus and the towns.  There is always such a different kind of energy in a college town, and it was fun to see the town through the eyes of someone who remembered the place being quite different when they lived there a while ago.

Today we meandered our way back home but made a quick detour to Utica, IL, home of Starved Rock State Park.  We didn’t hang out at the park proper long (a lot of people, some bugs [believe it or not]) but we saw the Starved Rock Lock and Dam system for a little while.

The best part of the weekend, other than simply spending so much time with people I enjoy, was the fact that for the first time in a very long time I was the passenger.  I didn’t have to plan any of the events.  I was just able to sit back and enjoy.

So it was a tiny weekend away that was well-deserved and very enjoyable for so many reasons.

Seat belt

First time flying in years without fear of my seatbelt not snapping comfortably.

First time flying in years without fear of my seatbelt not snapping comfortably.

A victory.  I never had to use a seatbelt extender, but it really came close last mid-May when I flew to Florida to go on my cruise to the Bahamas.

Tomorrow I fly to Cedar Rapids for work, and I’m 10 pounds less than on 1/29/13 when we flew to Tulsa.  I love my new body and love my new life!