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Yay for the weekend!


This weekend I had a fabulous time seeing some sites from a different perspective, and some for the first time.

Ended up getting a tour of West Roger’s Park on Friday night, where I heard a lot of interesting stories, many of them quite funny, but always fascinating.  Then hung out at The Hop Haus in Rogers Park.  After meeting some nice people there, one of whom picked up part of the tab, ended up at Uncommon Ground with some friends.

Saturday I traveled with A Special Person to Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, home of both Illinois State University and Illinois Wesleyan University.  It was a really nice day weather-wise, although a bit windy, but it was lovely to be outside for so much of the day and evening.  We did a decent amount of walking around the campus and the towns.  There is always such a different kind of energy in a college town, and it was fun to see the town through the eyes of someone who remembered the place being quite different when they lived there a while ago.

Today we meandered our way back home but made a quick detour to Utica, IL, home of Starved Rock State Park.  We didn’t hang out at the park proper long (a lot of people, some bugs [believe it or not]) but we saw the Starved Rock Lock and Dam system for a little while.

The best part of the weekend, other than simply spending so much time with people I enjoy, was the fact that for the first time in a very long time I was the passenger.  I didn’t have to plan any of the events.  I was just able to sit back and enjoy.

So it was a tiny weekend away that was well-deserved and very enjoyable for so many reasons.

I guess I’m pretty cute…..who knew?


My mom always told me that when I lost weight I would attract a higher caliber of man.  She has proven to be right.  Again.  I really would have made it easier on myself had I simply listened to her all these years.  🙂

I’m not going into detail about this, but suffice it to say I’ve never gotten this amount of male attention in my life…..


And again, who am I?

It's me!

8/22/2012. 53.3 pounds lost! My face is looking thinner all the time!!!

53.3 pounds lost.  I am now at a weight I haven’t been at in well over 10 years.  When I reach 55 pounds lost (in 1.7 pounds from now) I will be in territory I don’t recall being in for probably 15 years.

I’m starting to look like myself again.  Interestingly enough, this is where body dysmorphia comes in, because I never saw myself as huge as I really was.  It was only in pictures that I would be horrified.  Now I’m starting to be ok with pictures again.

I have so much energy it’s crazy.  I’m actually researching mixed golf leagues, and have requested I meet up with my father for a golf refresher.  I think I will meet a quality man at a golf course, plus, it’s fun, plus, I’m good at it.  So there you go.

Yes, I mentioned meeting a quality man.  Well, the other guy isn’t “out” of the picture, but he really isn’t “in” either.  He needs to step up or step out.  Because who wouldn’t want me as a girlfriend?  Seriously?  Even at my weight I’m starting to look healthy(ier), and I’m smarter than hell, and witty.  I can dress myself and remember my address and know my letters and numbers to 100.  I mean come on!  By the time you are 46 (him, not me), and even after 6 months of on-again/off-again you can’t call me your girlfriend….you have baggage I don’t want to help cart around even with wheels.

Obviously, my confidence is shooting through the roof, and it’s about damn time.