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Maybe not?

Maybe not?

I’m all over the map right now.  And what has changed?  Carbs and PMS.

In my 15th diet change in as many days (j/k but maybe not) I’m here to announce I’m going to do low-carb/no sugar MY WAY.  On the cheap.  Ideal Protein minus the ideal.

Less than ideal?  Actual.  Imperfect.  Antonyms don’t fail me now.

I’ve got to get there.  I owe it to myself.  Anything else is unacceptable and ridiculous.

I’m just sick of bleeding money.  I’ve learned what I need to learn.

I’m ok with losing 1 pound per week, but I miss how I feel eating low carb.  Liver enzymes can suck it.  I will modify my diet to give me more carbs on the days I run, and more calories the day after I run, and my liver enzymes will moderate at some point.  They were better this time, albeit still quite high.  But they were better.

Mostly I’m just tired of the expense of the program.

This is what I know……Since I’ve been eating more carbs and sugars this is what is going on:

  1. I feel bloated
  2. I feel crabby (more than normal, and I don’t have much leeway on a good day)
  3. I feel bloated
  4. I feel crabby (more than normal, and I don’t have much leeway on a good day)
  5. I feel bloated
  6. I feel bloated
  7. I ran like a 300 pound sloth last night
  8. I have less energy
  9. I’m irritated with myself
  10. I’m crabby, etc…..
  11. I have less patience at work than I have normally (which I don’t have much to begin with).  When the phrase “do I have to do everything around here?” comes into my consciousness more than once a day it’s usually not a good sign.
  12. I’m bloated and crabby
  13. I hate my hair today and my clothes
  14. I’m crabby