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What a beautiful day outside.  As my mom so eloquently put it this morning….we seem to have one day of “half-way decent weather” followed by at least one day of crappy weather.  Emphasis on half-way.  This spring has been crazy with the weather.

I registered for classes this morning.  Waitlisted for one, registered for another.  If I get the waitlisted one (not likely as there are 9 ahead of me for a 25 person class) I will drop the other.  I’m on the 18 year plan because I only take one course at a time.

My heels hurt today, which is a new sensation in my physical fitness quest.  I wonder if it has anything to do with running on sidewalks instead of a track.  I bet it does, as that is the only different variable.  I will confer with my work spouse and get back to you on my findings.

My dad is worried I will be let go due to layoffs announced on Friday.  As suspected, it’s old news from November spun a fresh way for the media to make something out of nothing.  So no, I’m not part of the layoff….at least not to my knowledge.  After working at the cheese palace and going through layoffs and paranoia every year for 7 years, I just don’t live in a state of worry.  My skills are sought after in the marketplace, and now I won’t experience any size discrimination (or the possibility thereof).  I don’t know if I ever experienced size discrimination per se, but studies show that larger women are at a significantly higher risk than larger men in the workplace.

And that is all I know this morning.  Over and out.