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Week 15 Check-In


Date: 5/26/15

Loss(-)/Gain(+):  -4.5 lbs

Current Weight:  229.5 lbs

So this was my last weigh-in at the Medi-Weightloss Clinic of Deerfield, Illinois, before they close their doors on 5/31.  According to their scale I weighed 228.8, but I’m converting my “official” numbers to be off of my own scale, a Fitbit Wi-fi scale.

I have decided to go it alone, with periodic visits to my family doctor.  I need to change my appointment so that I see her before my phentermine pills run out (I have 3 weeks worth left).  If she doesn’t want me on the pills, fine, but then I need to understand from her how to taper off properly.  I also want to understand from her what her opinion is on B1/B6/B12 shots….which I received B1/B6 shots once per week and B12 twice per week.  I have no idea if the shots helped, or what they were to help…..

Here are my stats:

Starting Weight Current Weight Goal Weight Weeks on Plan Total Lost Weekly Avg Monthly Avg Pounds to Goal
282 229.5 175 15 52.5 3.5 15.155 54.5

I certainly do not think I will lose 3.5 pounds per week average the entire time.  I expect it to slow down.  If I lose an average of 2.5 pounds per week I will hit my goal by my mom’s birthday, 10/25.

OK, laundry is calling.  More soon.  🙂

Week 14 Check-In


Date: 5/19/15

Loss(-)/Gain(+):  -6.0 lbs

Current Weight:  234.0 lbs

Good news today, and also bad news.

Six pounds lost, which is great!  Spent the entire week under 30 carbs per day (total carbs), which means I had almost no veggies.

Unfortunately, the Medi-Weightloss Clinic of Deerfield, IL is closing it’s doors at the end of next week.  So I will have one week left with them.  It’s a well-established weight loss method on the east coast, but has very few locations in the midwest, and this franchisee couldn’t make it work.  They are refunding everyone whatever their balance is, but I bought the 16 appointment package (the largest package with the most “deal”) and next week will be my 16th appointment.

I feel really bad for the people who work there.  They are all very sad, and they are all very sad for all of the patients.

So what am I going to do?  Well, I have an idea in mind.  I think I’m just going to work with my internist to get the appetite suppressant, and probably have to have somewhat regular visits with her.  And then do it on my own.  I can check my blood pressure here at the house.  I have a nice scale (the Fitbit wi-fi one).  i have my dad, my friend Kim, and all of you to check in with as far as my weekly numbers.  And I can still order medi-weightloss products (should I choose to) as well as the other products I use (Bari-wise and WonderSlim off of Dietdirect.com).

More to come, but that is my initial thought.

Week 13 Check-In (a couple of days late)


Date: 5/12/15

Loss(-)/Gain(+):  +1.4 lbs

Current Weight:  240.0 lbs

Well, I’m 2 days passed being pissed.  Other than the gum, which I’ve written about and threw away last Thursday night, I stayed ON PLAN.  Or what I knew the plan to be for myself.

In 2012 I was losing a huge amount of weight, and I figured I was in ketosis when I was 50 total carbs or under per day.  Well, apparently I was not in ketosis.  Or being 3 years younger made a difference.  Or who the hell knows what.

The ladies at the clinic and I just can’t figure out how I gained, because even with a calorie deficit, taking account of BMR, I should STILL be losing, and NOT gaining for the last 3 weeks.  So all we can figure is my carbs are too high, and my hunger is more, so I eat more protein calories overall, and then because I’m not in ketosis the body is storing the “extra calories” (which, I remind you is STILL a DEFICIT).


So the plan for this week is to be under 30 total carbs each day.  I haven’t eaten vegetables since Monday night.  I just peed on the stick and I’m in ketosis, so perhaps I will have some veggies tomorrow, but I’m thinking I may do a lot of days without veggies at all if I have to stay so low just to be in ketosis.

I know that’s not terribly healthy, but let’s face it, I didn’t gain all the weight by eating vegetables/fruits…..so if I have to go a few months with very few vegetables/no fruit, well, oh well.  Short term stress on the body for long term benefits.  I’ll eat vegetables and fruits when I get to my goal.

This is just damn difficult.  And yet, I’m so blessed to work from home so I’m not forced to have potlucks and whatnot in my face every day.

So that’s the scoop.  Not terribly positive, but onward we go.

The Journey Gets Real


Somehow I knocked myself out of ketosis, and it can only be one of two things, of which I will get to.

And I know I knocked myself out, not because of ketostix (peeing on a stick), because after a few days my body simply uses ketones efficiently, and there is never enough in my urine to get a reading.  I know because I hopped on the scale this morning and I was 5 pounds heavier…..and my time of the month is over.  So the weight gain is glycogen and water…..aka out of ketosis.

So, how did this happen?  I’m a bit perplexed by this one.  From a pure calories in/calories out perspective, I’m still way under my BMR daily needs.  From a carb/net carb perspective I’m under 40 carbs per day (and my threshold at least used to be 50-55).

The only things I did differently this week are 1) chew gum (sugar-free) like its my job and 2) added some unsweetened almond milk to my protein shakes along with some PB2.

As for the gum…..I’m talking 20-40 pieces per day.  And while it’s sugar-free, it has one carb per piece, and has the dreaded artificial sweetener which can fake your body into producing insulin as well as make you hungry.  Well, it was certainly making me hungry.  Like rendering the appetite suppressant useless kind of hunger.  I was eating more protein/more calories to satisfy my hunger.  Thursday night I actually threw out all the gum I had in my possession, and will not be purchasing more until I’m at goal weight, and maybe never.  It’s possible that gum is a gateway drug/trigger for me…..so I have to stay away.  It helps to have it to keep my mouth busy with chewing, as well as having something really sweet….but I have to go back to drinking hot coffee/tea with a little artificial sweetener or a PowerAde Zero for a sweet fix.

As for the almond milk….well I use Silk Vanilla UNSWEETENED Almond Milk, which is less than 1 carb per serving, 30 calories per serving, and one serving is 8 ounces.  So I’ve been adding almond milk to my shakes to add a little extra flavor and texture.  Then I’ve also added 1 TBSP of PB2 here and there to my shakes (and 1 TBSP is only 4 carbs)….again, I’ve accounted for the carbs in all of this……so all I can figure is my body is faked out by the sweetness, even artificial that it is, and it’s now out of ketosis.

So my plan going forward is the following:

1.  No more gum.  Threw it all out Thursday night, so haven’t had any since then.

2.  No more almond milk in shakes (a little in coffee is ok) and no more PB2 in shakes until I see weight loss, then I will limit it to a “treat” and in smaller quantities (perhaps only 4oz of almond milk in a shake per day, and 1 teaspoon of PB2 once a day.

Weight loss and weight maintenance are not perfect.  Even these accidental slip-ups can make a person feel down on themselves, but I don’t let it get me down for long.  I know it was truly an accident, so I’ve analyzed what could be the culprit(s) and have a plan to go forward.  It’s all I can do.

Over and out!

Perusing the blogs


The boyfriend and I are very different in our television habits.  I have a few shows I like to watch…..Grey’s Anatomy, Kardashians (I know, but I’m obviously not the only person watching), Louie…..he is a typical man with 5 shows happening at once and watching all of them, sort of.  Point being, I would rather read or do anything on the computer and/or tablet.  So lately I’ve been reading some new-to-me blogs about obesity and weight loss.  Sure helps to know I’m not alone.

It’s so sad when you can spot when someone is not really ready yet.  I’m an expert at not being ready yet.  My entire 2014 I was not ready yet.  I think I am, and I put all of these plans in place, etc…..but I really was not.  Anyway, when I see others writing in the same way, my heart goes out to them.  For instance, there is a woman I’m following who is in the first few days of her journey.  The rules and regulations she set out for herself (really, really strict, I might add) were amended day one (never a good sign), and have changed each day since.  And whenever I read/hear “I have to exercise every day” I know this is not a good sign…because it’s simply unrealistic, and it’s also unhealthy.

I wish that I could help all of us with addiction tendencies.  On another blog I read something like “I wish I could eat like a normal person”.  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve thought that about myself…..

This entry is a bit jumbled and stream of consciousness, but that’s ok.

I’ve been HUNGRY for the last 3 days.  HUNGRY.  Thinking that appetite suppressants are not all they are cracked up to be.  Currently, the clinic has me on Phentermine or something like that.  Whatevs.

Today I got my uncle’s ancestry.com dna profile…..which only made me sadder that I can’t have my mom’s profile done.  I can get through the days now without thinking about missing her so much, but it still seems unreal that I have to live the rest of my life without my mom physically here with me.  Mother’s Day is coming, and that just seems like a strange, empty day.  Kind of like a holiday for a religion you don’t personally practice.  Last year, my first Mother’s Day without my mom, was the day after her memorial service, and her cousins came to my house on their way up to Wisconsin to see other family (their’s, not mine)….so that was nice.  This year I will be visiting my boyfriend’s mother with him, which will also be nice.

But I would do anything to have one more day with my mom.

Week 12 Check In


Date: 5/5/15

Loss(-)/Gain(+):  +0.4 lbs

Current Weight:  238.6 lbs

Not to worry…..still on plan.  According to their fancy scale, I lost 2.2 in fat this week, so the rest is water & muscle.  As a woman, you can only expect 3 positive weigh-ins a month.  That’s just how it goes.  When you wake up crampy and feeling like a bloated mess you know the number on the scale is not going to be in your favor.  It’s ok.

Walked a 5k on Sunday with a friend of mine.  We walked it last year and I’m quite sure we shaved 10 minutes off the time.  This year we were passing people.  Last year it was really difficult, this year was not.  Last year I was sore afterwards, this year not.  So all good progress!!!!

I think right now instead of missing any particular food I’m missing the convenience and freedom to eat whatever, whenever.  Eating healthy is difficult enough, but eating healthy while restricting calories/carbs takes a lot of effort in planning.  I’m used to it, just sometimes I miss the freedom.  But I don’t miss the weight….so there you go!

Week 11 Check In


Date: 4/28/15

Loss(-)/Gain(+):  -6.8 lbs

Current Weight:  238.2 lbs

Well, it looks like one more week of no veggies, but adding in the healthy fats worked wonderfully!  The new appetite suppressant worked too.  I never felt like the other actually suppressed appetite.

I’m starting to look and feel so much better.  Makes the hard work worth it……

In a separate, but related note:  It’s so interesting to read other weight loss blogs and compare/contrast.  In one blog, one woman is around 310 pounds, and just fit into a size 20 jeans.  When I was over 300 pounds I was in a size 28 and pushing 30.  Perhaps she is really tall.  In another blog a woman commented on losing 8-10 pounds a month if she really “kills it”.  And she just recently had gastric bypass…….

I’m averaging 15+ pounds a month.



Protein only is really difficult.  Not only does it just get boring, but every morning I have gastrointestinal issues.  It’s amazing how much a difference vegetables can make with this low carb/no sugar plan; with variety, with feeling full, with satisfaction.  So it will be nice to have the weigh-in on Tuesday to see how I did this week.

I figure if I have to “shock my body” every 4 to 8 weeks to keep the weight coming off, then I’m all for it.

Interestingly enough I don’t really “feel thinner” like I do sometimes.  What. Ever.

A good week overall.  Looking forward to Tuesday!

Week 8 Check In


Date: 4/7/15

Loss(-)/Gain(+):  -2.6 lbs

Current Weight:  248.0 lbs

OK stalkers, another great week!  I was hoping for 249.9 just to be under 250 today, but as I said in yesterday’s post, I wasn’t very confident going into today’s weigh in with it being my time of the month.  I’m thrilled to be safely under 250, which, if you don’t consider my gain back up the scale in 2014, is only the second time in my adult life I’ve lost enough to be under 250.  So that, in and of itself, is a victory!  From where I stand, that is one goal achieved!

I’m going to go back and update the weights and whatnot on my other weekly postings so I have a record for myself.  🙂

Monday night update


Tomorrow is the weigh in.  I don’t have high hopes.  Last week I felt thin, and sure enough, I had dropped 5 pounds.  This week I’m right in the middle of my time of the month and feel bloated.  The ketostix don’t show ketosis, although many times it does not.  My carbs have been good this week, and I track everything in Sparkpeople.  Both from a calorie-deficit standpoint as well as an under 50g carbs standpoint I’m great.  I just don’t think the scale will show it tomorrow.

I have good energy and have begun organizing my house.  Last week I went through all my clothes and bagged and tagged everything by “rough estimate” sizing.  Like I have a bag of “Absolutely largest size” through “Goal weight”.  Over the last couple of days I cleaned the master bath and master bedroom.  All drawers, closets, etc…..It had been 2 years, if not 3, since I really did that.  2014 I was grieving….2013 I was busy with a new relationship and mom was sick a lot…..so probably I last really organized in 2012 when I lost the weight with Ideal Protein.

I’m going to go through each and every room of the house, and then the garage.  It’s a lot to do, but feels so good.  So yay!!!