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Good friends are the best


I’m so very thankful for my good friend at work (my work spouse) who let me be an emotional crazy bag lady this afternoon.  I’m grateful for his very calm demeanor, and his analytical approach to life.  I also appreciate his 2 cents on the hypothetical situation I described in an earlier post.

To sum up his thoughts…..from the man’s perspective he simply does not want to enable the woman.  She’s the one who has always said she wanted to lose 20 more pounds.  She’s not finished until she says she is finished.  It’s her battle.  It’s her “thing”.  All he should do is get out of the way, and tell bad jokes from time to time.  It’s obvious he digs her stuff.  It’s obvious he finds her attractive.

So chill the heck out, hypothetical woman!

Work spouse also said that anyone in my zip code and surrounding zip codes knows what I did in the last year and is in complete awe.  He said that 98% of people just say “I could never even attempt that”, then out of the 2% that try, only a small percentage of them accomplish even 50% of what I did.

That’s what he said.  Then he wrapped it all up by calling me a good egg.

I don’t know if it’s ketosis, the weather, or just a slight manic phase….but my mind has been going 3000 mph lately, and it’s no wonder I’m trying to get everything figured out and drive myself nuts in the meantime.

Big sigh.

The Day After Christmas (or is it Groundhogs Day?)


OMG.  Day 1 again.  For real.

I know better than to make such a huge pronouncement of “this is the last day 1….”  Just like at work when you jinx any document by calling it final.  Ugh.

Huge huge huge stress at home.  It is neverending.  Don’t want to blog about it.  It’s just crazy.  And last night I caved, ate some sugar, threw myself out of ketosis, and back to day 1 I go.

I feel like a piece of poo.  Headache, tired, sluggish.  Just like December 26th, 2012 when I ate off plan for the first day since May 30th, 2012.  Also just like December 26th, 2012….I will get right back on the wagon and declare Monday, May 20th, 2013 day 1 again.  Not too much damage was done….just the usual bloating and headache, and days to get back into ketosis. 


I guess it’s good I know it’s stress eating.  At least I’m consciously realizing I’m gorging on sugar to have a temporary relief from stress.

I’m not going to call this day 1.  I’m going to call this I have no idea what.  Do I need to call it anything?