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Six months


Six months ago today I was at my condo, exhausted, and with my dad.

At 5 minutes after midnight we lost my mom.  It was my parent’s 43rd anniversary.

So exactly 6 months ago I was at home.  In a daze.  I remember the Olympics were on.  I knew it was good to be home, after barely having been there in days.  I was grateful my dad and I were there together.  It was good to be home with the cats.

I think I will blog about those final weeks with my mom soon.  i want to remember it.

I start going to a grief support group in mid-September.  I look forward to being in a room with others who are grieving, to have that community.

I will say that I’m proud that it did not even take the full six months to start to get my health act back together.  Today was Day 11 of 500 calories.  Still at it.  My mom would be very happy about that.

It all sucks, does it not?


Weight loss mode sucks.  Maintenance sucks.  Weight gain sucks.  The only thing that doesn’t suck is the act of gaining the weight.

I thought a little while ago about heading to Indiana to visit some family, and surprise them by taking them to dinner.  Then I realized I don’t get to eat restaurant food.  I could bring along my own food, I guess.  The whole thing is simply irritating.

I wish I could be one of those people who can do a nice well-rounded program like Weight Watchers to lose the weight.  But for some reason, that gives me too much lee-way during weight loss phase.  However, I plan on doing Weight Watchers once I’m at my goal weight, as the check and balance I need to maintain.

During weight loss phase I find that going hard-core works for me….because you see/feel the results steadily and quickly.  While it might be painful going through it (emotionally), it really works best for me.

So this is day #7 of 500 calories, with 34 more to go.

HCG Spray started Thursday, 8/7.  Thursday & Friday were what is called “Phase 1” (aka “Gorge Days”) which you are to eat anything you want, and actually more than you want.  Unfortunately, the spray made me nauseous during the gorge days, but whatever. 38 days of spray and 500 calories together.  3 days of 500 calories AFTER you finish the spray.  So that’s why I have 34 more days of 500 calories.

I don’t have great concentration, nor do I have great energy yet.  I’m still hungry a good portion of the time.

But I do know it sucks. It simply all sucks.

What day is it?


I’ve had one of those days where I’ve thought it was either Tuesday or Thursday all day……but certainly not Wednesday.  But I’ve know all day long that today was day #5 of only 500 calories.

I’m feeling better.  Little more energy, little less headaches.  Little less hunger pangs.  It’s still harder than heck, but I will do it.

My body has already adjusted to at least 80 oz of water a day.  My body has been ridding itself of toxins.  So everything is on track.

I feel like I’ve traded in cost for hunger.  With Ideal Protein I was rarely hungry, but I spent a ton of money.  With HCG I’m almost always hungry, but spending very very little.

I’m really glad I’ve made the decision to NOT step on the scale until mid-September (after HCG round one).  I really do not want to run the risk of the mind games that could easily be “I starved myself for only THAT amount of loss?”  Best to just follow the plan as written, do my best, and then find out the numbers at the end.  If I didn’t see the touted 30-40 pounds lost, then I will reevaluate whether or not I want to do a 2nd round.  

So there you have it.

So why blog? And why did I ever stop?


Well, when you are on a strict diet plan you have more time.  And with more time becomes more minutes to fill in the day with activities that are not food related.  Plus, it’s therapeutic.

I stopped because once I knew I was gaining weight last year, in mom’s final months, I didn’t have the time, plus I was embarrassed.  I know I shouldn’t be, but I was and am.  I wanted to be one of the success stories.  One of the few who actually did NOT gain the weight back.

But I wasn’t.  Instead I’m one of the many (most) who did.  And I don’t blame Ideal Protein.  No one from IP forced food down my throat.  However, my IP coach did not help.

A friend of mine…a very wise friend….told me from the beginning that I had to be watchful.  That although my coach was a good person, caring, knowledgeable, she still had a product to sell, and an income to maintain.

The products, while of great quality, were simply too damn expensive.  And I have a good job, and no children.  I don’t know who can afford $12/day (food alone, forget supplements! Supplements were another $60/month easily) plus $20 each week with the coaching appointment.

As I was gaining and losing the same 10 pounds for the last 3 months I went to the clinic, instead of saying to me “perhaps we should transition you to maintenance and then if you ever want to lose more weight, then you can resume”.  But no, she kept insisting i had 25 more pounds to lose.  And this was after I was under 200 for the first time in my adult life..


So at least with HCG I take a nasal spray, which my prescription plan picked up all but $25 of.  The rest is food I supply.  And let me tell you, that cost is negligible.  You eat all of 200 grams of lean protein each day, 3-4 cups of restricted list of veggies, 2 small apples, and 4 small melba crackers.  This totals 500 calories per day.

I’m starving.  That’s the downside.  On Ideal Protein I was rarely hungry.  But I’m sure after a few more days I will have completely adjusted.

I have no idea how much weight I’ve lost.  I would prefer to not go on the scale until I complete HCG round 1.  I’m in this for the long haul, and don’t want to get sidetracked by the daily fluctuations.  I know I’m following the diet, and I see the doctor again after this first round to check in, so that’s good enough for me.



Here we go again


Well, mom passed away almost 6 months ago, and after months of poor eating/bingeing, I decided to get my act back together.

I gained a lot of weight back.  A lot.  Not the whole amount, but just 20 pounds shy.  I’m back to having 80-100 pounds to lose.

It finally dawned on me that no amount of ice cream was going to bring my mom back. That grief truly is something that never leaves, you just learn to find a place for it.  I also came to the conclusion that the best way to honor my mom would be to take care of myself physically better than she did for herself.  Mom didn’t have a weight/food problem.  Her problem was smoking, and COPD took her life way too young at 70.

I decided that after going into debt with Ideal Protein I had to try something else.  I know low-carb/no sugar works well, and for overall health is good.  A doctor within my Ob/gyn’s practice used HCG to lose weight, and kept it off.  So I began last Thursday, August 7th.  I don’t know how much I’m going to tout this diet, because they all work, to varying degrees.  The real work is in maintenance, which I always knew, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the last year of my mom’s life, and the stress that would bring, as well as the grief after losing her.

I do know that caring for my mom the last year of her life was not easy, and mourning her death is the hardest thing I will probably ever go through, so I’m hoping maintenance will be easier this go around.

I will have to do more than one round of HCG, with a 6 week break in-between.  The break is a mandatory break with the diet, but according to my doctor, I can still lose weight, just not as fast.  While on HCG a person can lose 30-40 pounds in a month.  So I figure maybe another 15 during the 6 week break, then another 30 with HCG round 2….then with another mandatory break I will either go the rest of the way just low-carb/no sugar, or will do a 3rd round of HCG.

The way the calendar looks is as follows:

  • August 7th – September 15th HCG
  • September 16th – October 27th mandatory break, still low-carb/no sugar
  • October 28th – December 6th HCG round #2
  • December 7th – January 17th 2015 mandatory break, still low-carb/no sugar
  • If needed, HCG round 3 would begin January 18th.

So we are looking at a good 7 months to lose the weight.

And yes, it’s aggressive.  But it’s under a doctor’s watch.  It’s no quicker than Ideal Protein.  Again, the hard part will be maintenance.