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You have to be ready


I just realized it is day 60 on Ideal Protein, and tomorrow makes 2 months.  As of Friday I have lost 41.5 pounds since May 30th, 2012.  I say over and over again to anyone who will listen that this program is no short of a miracle for me.

When people hear that I can’t do fruit, dairy, or carbs on this diet they pronounce “well, I would never be able to do it.”  This coming most from people who are obese.  Obviously whatever they are doing isn’t working, but we all have our journey.  It took me 38 years to figure this out, and some people never figure it out….so I consider myself to be lucky.  Very lucky indeed.

Today I went for a lovely walk at the Chicago Botanic Garden with my mom and good friend Kim.  We were there from 10am to 12:15.  The last hour or so was quite hot.  But it felt very good to walk.  So yay!