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Four months….where has the time gone?


I started my journey toward health and wellness on May 30th, 2012.  The wonderful program I found is Ideal Protein, developed by Dr. Tranh.  This program has been nothing short of a miracle for me.

I found the diet in March, just poking around on my doctor’s website (www.womancarepc.com) , as it was time for my annual check-up.  I noticed there was a new section devoted to weight loss, and decided to check it out.  What I noticed was a program that possibly could work for me.  It included many products (many choices) of both savory and sweet items, as well as incorporating “real food” that I would need to provide (5-8 oz. daily of lean protein and 4 cups of allowed vegetable).  It just seemed like a nice mix of foods to keep someone interested in the long-haul it would take to lose more than 100 pounds.

But at that time I was planning a vacation.  My first cruise ever with a dear friend of mine from high school.  And of course, who wants to be on any kind of diet on a vacation?  Not anyone, ever, that I’ve ever heard of.  And my vacation was planned for the middle-to-end of May.

So periodically I would pop back to that website over the next several weeks, reading and contemplating.  By the time I went on vacation I had decided I would do this, but I would start after Memorial Day, because, well, why wouldn’t I want to have one summer holiday with burgers and and hot dogs, etc….?

I knew even before starting the program it wouldn’t be the last time EVER I would have a burger and hot dogs, but it would be the only time during the summer of 2012 I would.  So I proceeded to have an eating extravaganza between my cruise and Memorial Day, making sure I hit all of my favorite foods prior to May 30th.

The first days, as evidenced by this blog, were counted by days.  Like a newborn.  Then weeks.  I still count the days.  Today is Day 123….only now I let Excel count it for me.

Yesterday my dad called me skinny twice.  I don’t believe he’s ever called me skinny.  We both know I’m not skinny, nor do I want to be skinny….because I believe skinny has just as bad connotations as the word fat.  But it was sure nice to hear it.

Oh, and Northwestern won their football game too yesterday.  So overall, a great day.

So here are some stats….

  • LBS Lost since 5/30/2012: 71.9
  • Time on Ideal Protein as of 9/30/12: 123 days
  • Avg Weekly Weight Loss 5/30/12-9/30/12: 4.09 lbs
  • Avg Weekly Weight Loss 8/29/2012-9/30/12: 3.46 lbs

So yay for me, yay for health, yay for Ideal Protein, yay for Dr. Tranh, and yay for everyone!