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Food experimentation



Every now and then I impress myself.

So I tried cauliflower rice today.  Blended it in the blender with water drained, etc….Then I was inspired to make a chicken fried rice with it, and also green pepper, green onion, mushrooms, chicken breasts, one egg, and 2 tsp olive oil.  Oh, and 1 TBSP soy sauce.  Boyfriend cam into the kitchen, which looks like a disaster area now, and said “you would never know this was a healthy meal the way it smells so good!”

My new favorite meal.  For real.  I would’ve taken a picture but it was so good I just had to dig right in.

Another thing I tried the other day is zucchini pasta (julienne peeler style).  Sauteed in 1 tsp butter……fantastic!

Oh yeah……


189.5 this morning.

I have not seen that number since high school.  Holy cow……

This means I’ve lost 115.4 pounds since May 30th, 2012.

I’m finding the right combo of exercise and food (when and where).  For example, last week my IP coach recommended I drink the mango & peach IP drink right after exercise as it has electrolytes in it.  I’ve been doing that, and it’s great!  Last night I even took it out on the floor with me instead of my water bottle, and I felt great while doing the machines after my run.

I am finding that I have to play a bit with the calories on the days I run (and the day after I run) due to needing more energy and sheer hunger of revving up my engine so high.  IP purists, I’m not recommending this until you become an IP “oldie but goodie” (meaning, I did 8 months of traditional IP, following the rules strictly, including only low to moderate exercise).  On days I exercise, and sometimes the day after, I’m having 4 to 5 IP products.  I stay below 55 carbs (not net carbs), and sometimes have to sacrifice veggies (maybe 2-3 cups instead of 4….just to keep the carbs down).  I know this is “off plan”, and I know long-term the more veggies the better….but I’m trying to find the right balance of staying in ketosis while exercising like a fiend.  It won’t be for forever….only until my one year anniversary on May 30th, 2013 (my end point until I reach 160 before then….not likely).

Yesterday –  I ran 2 miles in the early evening

Breakfast – 145 calories, 7 carbs, 0 fat, 28 protein

  • Ideal Protein Cappuccino Drink, 1 serving
  • Ideal Protein Vanilla Drink Packet, 0.5 serving
  • Non-fat Milk in ounces, 1 oz in coffee

Lunch – 233 calories, 9 carbs, 10 fat, 25 protein

  • Ideal Protein Crispy Cereal, 1 serving
  • Egg – Large, 1 serving
  • Coconut Oil – Nutiva Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil, 0.33 tbsp
  • Non-fat Milk in ounces, 1 oz in coffee

Dinner – 514 calories, 12 carbs, 19 fat, 71 protein

  • Pork Tenderloin, 8 oz
  • Cauliflower, cooked, 150 grams
  • Green Beans (snap), 75 grams

Snack – 365 calories, 23 carbs, 4 fat, 63 protein

  • mid-afternoon Non-fat Milk in ounces, 1 oz in coffee
  • 90 minutes before run – Ideal Protein Vanilla Drink Packet, 0.5 serving
  • 30 minutes before run – Ideal Protein Choco Raspberry, 1 serving
  • immediately after run/before machines – Ideal Protein Peach and Mango Drink Mix, 1 serving
  • after dinner snack – Ideal Protein Cappuccino Drink, 1 serving

Grand Total for the day: 1,257 calories, 52 carbs (4o net carbs), 34 fat,  187 protein 

Today (day after a run), I’m having:

Breakfast – 145 calories, 7 carbs, 0 fat, 28 protein

  • 1oz skim milk in coffee (I do 3 oz skim milk throughout the day in 3 cups of coffee for 4 carbs)
  • 1 IP cappucino packet
  • 1/2 IP vanilla packet  (I put 1.5 product in 16oz water plus cinnamon…..great!)

Lunch – 301 calories, 9 carbs, 11 fat, 41 protein

  • 1.5 IP vanilla packet
  • 2 large hard boiled eggs
  • 1 oz skim milk in coffee

Snack – 150 calories, 16 carb, 4 fat, 16 protein

  • 1 IP choco raspberry bar
  • 1 oz skim in coffee

Dinner – 654 calories, 22 carbs, 33 fat, 69 protein

  • Ground Beef 93% Lean, 8 oz
  • Mushrooms Pieces & Stems – Green Giant, 0.6 cup
  • Ideal Protein Southwest Cheese Curls, 0.25 serving
  • Egg substitute, liquid (Egg Beaters), 2 tbsp
  • Olive Oil, 2 1tsp
  • Bacon, 2 medium slices, cooked
  • Brussels sprouts, cooked, 175 grams

Grand total for the day – 1250 calories, 54 carbs (41 net carbs), 48 fat, 153 protein

Tomorrow I will probably have 200 calories less because it will be 2 days after my run and my hunger won’t be bad, and I’m not planning to run again until Thursday night.

Will it ever get easier?


I wish I could say that it gets easier, but it doesn’t. However, that doesn’t mean we should give up. Yesterday I had a tough day because a coworker had a birthday, and she chose to go to a pizza place. The 2 types of restaurant I have REFUSED to go to are pizza places and Italian restaurants. Yes, I know both have things I could choose on the menu, but the temptations are just too great. However, I sucked it up and went because I wanted to do the right thing and celebrate my co-worker.

Let me tell you, it messed with my head the rest of the day. I was in a funk. I was unmotivated both at work and personally. I stuck to the protocol, but didn’t go to Zumba like I wanted to, and basically was just “in a mood” for the rest of the day. It’s just easier when I don’t have to be around those temptations.

And honestly, it’s not so much the temptations as what it does to my head afterwards. And yes, I know many of you will say “think about it not as you CAN’T have it, but you just DON’T eat that right now”. Whatever. That’s fine. But I still say an alcoholic wouldn’t go into a bar….or a gambling addict to Las Vegas…..so why should I put myself in the middle of a lion’s den? Don’t I prove to myself and everyone how strong I am every day without having to freaking go to a damn pizza restaurant?

As you can see, I’m still a bit messed up with it, but I move on. Today is a new day and thank the Lord above I don’t have to be surrounded by food today that I “don’t eat right now”.

Amy’s Ideal Protein Journey


Today I had the lovely opportunity to share a little bit of my story with some co-workers.  We are doing a weekly Biggest Loser contest, and I was asked by the coordinator to share my story.  So I’m copying it here.  For those of you who have followed my blog, this is not new news, but thought I would post it anyway.

Amy’s “Ideal Protein” Journey

The secret is out no longer.  As of today I’ve lost 72.5 pounds since May 30th, 2012.  Yes, that is 126 days.  No, I did not have bariatric surgery.  So how have I accomplished this?

I’ve been on a program through my doctor’s office (www.womancarepc.com) called Ideal Protein (www.idealprotein.com). It’s basically carb-free and sugar-free.  Yes, that means I have not had bread since May 29th, nor have I had high-carb vegetables such as potatoes, corn, or peas.  I also have not had fruit or high-sugar veggies such as carrots.

No fruit???  I couldn’t live without fruit…..

I hear that comment from people the most often.  However, I know I for one did not become overweight by eating fruit, and I suspect most people have not….so I think for a short period of time anyone could give up anything besides water and oxygen and some form of nutrition.

Is it safe?

Yes, it’s safe.  It is medically supervised.  It is not meant to be forever.  The short-term imbalance you put your body through outweighs the negatives you’ve put your body through by being overweight.  The program is also designed to phase you back in to “normal eating”.  Phase 1 (the weight loss phase) is the phase I’m in, and is the strictest.  Phase 2 and 3 prepare you for Phase 4 (maintenance).  And once in maintenance you are eating all “normal foods” (nothing from the Ideal Protein program).

Basics about the program:

  1.  You eat 3 of their products per day in Phase 1.  The products average $4.00/per product.
  2. There are a ton of products, listed on their website (link above).  There are both savory and sweet products.
  3. Each day you must provide your own lean protein (5-8oz) and 4 cups of “legal” vegetables per day, as well as lettuce (as much as you want), and 2 teaspoons of olive oil.  So you are still eating “normal food” even on Phase 1.  I have found many restaurants to be quite accommodating.
  4. The program works for people who have only 20 pounds to lose up through several hundred pounds to lose.  Average weight loss for women is 3-5 pounds per week.  Average weight loss for men is 5-7 pounds per week.
  5. If you are diabetic you can still do this program, however there is a modified version of it (I don’t know anything about it because I’m not on that version of it, nor do I know anyone who is).

My personal benefits:

  1. I’ve not had an antacid since day 4 of the program
  2. I’ve had probably 10% of the aspirin I used before
  3. My blood pressure is outstanding
  4. I am continually lowering the size of my “skinny jeans”
  5. I’ve had probably only 5-6 “I’m really irritated that I can’t eat that cake/pizza/whatever” days out of 126.  What helps keep those bad days to a minimum is I know I just can’t eat it NOW, but I will again.
  6. I have more energy, I’m happier, and on and on and on and on
  7. I’ve found a great Ideal Protein online community on Sparkpeople.com, where we share recipes, good times, bad times, etc….

I’ll wrap this up by saying that I’m happy to talk to ANYONE about this program and my experience, even friends or family members of yours.  Thank you for indulging me by allowing me to share some of my journey with you.

115 Days, 68.3 pounds, and 10 bags of clothes


I’m becoming an expert at homework avoidance.  About 7:30 I decided to go through my clothes that were hanging in the closet.  I’ve done this before, but not for 20 pounds or so.  Since the start of my journey I’ve been packing clothes away into garbage bags, and putting them in my closet.  I decided tonight it was safe to put them in the trunk of my car, even if I drive around with them for a while before dropping them off for donation.  And, like the title says, there were 10 bags.

Today marks 115 days on the diet, and as of this morning I’ve lost 68.3 pounds.  I’ve lost an average of 3.57 pounds per week for the last 4 weeks, so I can safely say that staying to 50 grams of carbohydrates per day or a little less has been the magic number for me.  If I keep at this rate, I will hit my next MAJOR milestone in early December.  Regardless, it would be nice to hit it by the first of the year, as that should be great motivation to keep me on the straight and narrow through the holidays.

I had my first pizza dream/nightmare last night.  I was somewhere where there was stuffed, deep dish, and thin crust pizza.  I was so scared that my coach would be mad at me, and I was so scared that having one little cheat would start a bad pattern of little cheats until I was in a failure cycle.  So even in my dreams I’m not indulging.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad.  On one hand, it would be nice if at least in my dreams I could eat as much pizza as I want…..

When I started this program I weighed more than 150 pounds more than my mom.  She’s lost 10 pounds since I’ve been on the program.  Today I now weigh 98 pounds more than my mom.

One thing I’m starting to be aware of, and it’s surprising to me, is that I’m actually an attractive woman.  Of course I never thought so when I was 68 pounds heavier.  I never thought so when I was 50 pounds lighter than I am now (and in my late teens), but no one thinks they are pretty in their teens/early 20’s.  But now I look in the mirror and I’m like “wow”.  My coach tells me all the time how pretty I am (and she’s married and not hitting on me).  And…I’ll be honest…I’m starting to get a bit more attention from men.  This is something I’m going to really struggle with, as men have never paid attention to me.  In college, as a size 16, I was huge compared to my size 4/6 friends, and did not get men’s attention then (that I noticed).  So I’m going to be naive about this whole thing, which I’m actually not looking forward to.  I’ve read that when you are smaller it’s harder to be able to read true intentions of men.  I guess the bright side is I suck at that anyway, so whatever.

OK, stalkers, I’m outta here.

Happy clean the garage day!


What are your family traditions for clean the garage day?  Mine are filled with groans and bitching, until I succumb to the realization that someone needs to do it, and that someone is me.

Actually, cleaning the garage only took an hour.  We are now ready for the cold weather (the final prep prior to having the car in the garage for the winter will take probably 10 minutes).  After that I made a fabulous lunch (a stir fry with baby bok choy, green peppers, green onions, mushrooms, and an Ideal Protein chicken patty) and showered.

Next it was off to Dick’s Sporting Goods where I bough a visor and a new golf glove.  Checked out golf shoes, but didn’t want to spend $79 on a pair of shoes today.  I want to prove to myself I’ll really go out and play.

Then I went to the Buffalo Grove Golf Course and spent some time at the driving range.  After a few decent shots, and plenty of poopy shots and swear words, I went for a bike ride in my neighborhood.  Am I the only one that hates intersections, getting off the bike, and then restarting?  I feel so uncoordinated with that.  At least I went out, and enjoyed myself too.

I topped off the day by cooking dinner and watching some Northwestern football.  So far it’s been a pretty boring game.  I need to study, but I’m just not feeling it tonight.

Tomorrow I’m going to walk at the Botanic Gardens with my good friend Kim, out to lunch, and then some errands (Petsmart & Sam’s).  After that I will study.

Over and out, stalkers.  Over and out.

well that was interesting


When someone shows you who they are, believe them.   If there is a nagging thought in your mind or heart about someone it’s because that is God’s way of trying to help you.  I think I’ve finally learned.  Took 38 years, but finally learned.

And no, this has nothing to do with the show.  Gus and I had a perfectly lovely time.  The weather was gorgeous, and the show was fun.  I had a very interesting moment when I realized that this lifestyle change was actually going to work for me.  We ended up eating at Subway (um, hello?  I’m on a practically no-carb diet and we go to where there is bread and chips) due to necessity.  I got a salad with some weird things on it and the Subway man (not Jared, but the man making my salad) really thought I was bizarre when I asked for a splash of olive oil and nothing else on it (can’t have Balsamic vinegar on the diet lifestyle change).  I had lettuce, spinach, pickles (honest to God), green peppers, banana peppers, and grilled chicken.  AND IT WAS GREAT!  It was really great!  Everything tasted good.  My taste buds might actually be changing, and that’s a totally bizarre, wild, beautiful, and fascinating to me.

So that was the good.

Then came the after when I finally learned the final lesson about the final person who will “do me wrong” in the romantic relationship sort of way.  I found out his true character, and it’s not  anything I need to be around.  The phrases “what goes around comes around”, “karma is a bitch”, and “you reap what you sow” kept twirling in my brain.  I forgot one.  “Liar, liar, pants on fire” too.

I feel nothing but pity.  I did nothing wrong, and I’m moving forward.  Thank you, God, for putting a spotlight on the situation because obviously the matchstick, candle, flashlight, campfire, and lamp were not enough for me to see.  I had to be shown in my face, once and for all, who this person is.  I needed to hear the person say “So what if I lied?”

This is a blessing, and I will treat it as such, because I’ve been on the fence for weeks about someone who doesn’t deserve one more second of my time.

Onward and upward, my friends!  Onward and upward!

And now, to sleep.