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2001: A Clothes Odyssey


So in 2001 my ex-husband an I called off our wedding 36 hours before the wedding.  We eventually planned a wedding that DID occur in 2003.  Yes, we are now divorced, but are really good friends.  It’s a long story, and one the interwebs don’t need to know.  Suffice it to say we called off our first wedding.

Being the typical bride, I had a special outfit purchased for the rehearsal & dinner, as well as my “get away” outfit from the wedding reception.  These 2 outfits were never worn.  Not only were they never worn, but their tags remained on them.  I loved these outfits and never returned them.

After calling off the wedding I gained a lot of weight (like 50+ pounds), of which I lost 35 or so for the actual wedding of 2003.  Interestingly enough, I lost enough weight so that the wedding dress fit me in 2003 (I wasn’t buying a 2nd dress for the same man), but not these 2 outfits.  So these 2 outfits have lived in my closet for lo these 11.5 years, representing a weight/size I hoped to be in again someday.

And today is someday.

For the last 30 pounds I would almost weekly get these 2 outfits out and try them on for my mom.  First the outfits barely fit, then they were barely able to be zipped/snapped.  Today I was able to zip/snap myself and felt comfortable that I would NOT bust out of the one outfit, so I wore it to work.

The clothes are from April 2001, and now it’s October.  So honestly, the one dress looks very much like spring, so I don’t think I’ll wear it, but maybe I’ll throw it on and go to dinner some night with mom.  The skirt/blouse/jacket I’m wearing today also looks like spring, but I’m able to pull the look off.

So yay.

OK Peeps


Here we go Day 4!  I feel sooooo much better than I did yesterday, so my bad day with the carb/sugar addiction withdrawal must have been Day 3.  So yay!

Tonight my ex-husband (yes, we are still friends) and I are going to the Steve Dahl “Out of the Basement” show at the Park West.  I’ve been a fan of Steve Dahl for years.  He’s no longer on the radio, but now he’s someplace better….a podcast.  No commercials – and 90-120 minutes solid of the show 5 days a week….can’t be beat.  Of course this means I’m almost entirely disconnected from popular music, but that’s ok.  Cream rises to the top so if it’s a song I should hear I figure I will hear it.

Steve Dahl’s show got me through 2008, when I was laid off from the Cheese Palace and commuting 3 hours a day downtown to a job I detested.  Steve’s show got me through the commute, sitting next to strangers on the train, and all of the mindless work at the company where I had to spread 1 hour worth of work into 8 each day.

I haven’t hung out with Gus in a while, so that should be good too.  He’s the one who got me started on Steve in the late 90’s, so he was the perfect choice to go to this event with.

As for right now I’m going to sit on my porch and read my textbook for some readings due for school next week.  At least it’s 70 today and not 45…..

Have a great day everyone, no matter when you read this!