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26 Weeks


Um, wow.  Tomorrow makes 26 weeks that I’ve been on Ideal Protein.  That is exactly a half of a year.  Cray-cray.

So I’ve been a little quiet, I realize this.  I’m heading to class in a moment, so I can’t post now.  I came through Thanksgiving with flying colors, but had to say goodbye to my furry, orange tabby on Saturday.

My newest toy is a Fitbit, and I’ve asked for the auto-stats to only push once a week instead of daily.  Sorry for the annoying posts about distance walked, etc….




Finally yesterday afternoon we got a much needed break from the 100 degree weather.  I was watering my plants 2x a day, which is a lot considering I have partial sun/partial shade plants because I have northern exposure from my porch.

Tonight I took a break from cooking and took mom out to dinner.  I have found Outback to be a “safe” place for me to eat, with several things on the menu that fit my plan.  I could probably find something to eat everywhere, but I’m not that brave yet.

31.7 pounds lost as of this morning, Day 39.  I am still amazed at this diet, and amazed at how good I feel on it, and how easy it has been.

Tonight mom and I went for a walk around the neighborhood for an hour…..well, me walking.  Mom uses her scooter because she is on oxygen.  And of course, I was pushing the my cat Al in the stroller.  I love to walk by other walkers who smile as they walk by, and then REALLY smile when they realize it’s a cat in a stroller.  I just love that.

Summer 2011.

Hello world!


Like millions (or billions) of other people, I’m starting a blog.  I have no idea what I’m going to focus on in said blog, but I do know that I will need many things to keep my mind occupied as I’m on Day 3 (Day 4 perhaps because it’s 10 minutes after midnight as I type this) of my last diet.

And of course we shouldn’t call them diets.  It’s a “lifestyle change”.  Like I’m going from being a heterosexual to a homosexual (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  I guess it is a lifestyle change, or needs to become one for it to be permanent.  One thing I know for sure is I’ve struggled with weight my entire life and I’m done with that struggle.

So what “lifestyle change agent protocol” am I subscribing to?  Well, I really wanted to find a weight loss method developed by a Vietnamese doctor who worked with French Olympians.  I had many to choose from, but settled upon Ideal Protein.

After only 3 full days I can hardly be a spokesperson for it, especially since days 4 and 5 are supposed to be THE WORST EVER as far as the withdrawal from carbohydrates is concerned.  So talk to me on Monday and see if I survived.  I envision myself sweating and delirious in my bed not unlike Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the Line.  I’m sure it won’t be that bad……I hope it won’t be that bad……

Anyhooha, I’m outta here for now.  Thanks for reading (stalkers)!