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The Journey Gets Real


Somehow I knocked myself out of ketosis, and it can only be one of two things, of which I will get to.

And I know I knocked myself out, not because of ketostix (peeing on a stick), because after a few days my body simply uses ketones efficiently, and there is never enough in my urine to get a reading.  I know because I hopped on the scale this morning and I was 5 pounds heavier…..and my time of the month is over.  So the weight gain is glycogen and water…..aka out of ketosis.

So, how did this happen?  I’m a bit perplexed by this one.  From a pure calories in/calories out perspective, I’m still way under my BMR daily needs.  From a carb/net carb perspective I’m under 40 carbs per day (and my threshold at least used to be 50-55).

The only things I did differently this week are 1) chew gum (sugar-free) like its my job and 2) added some unsweetened almond milk to my protein shakes along with some PB2.

As for the gum…..I’m talking 20-40 pieces per day.  And while it’s sugar-free, it has one carb per piece, and has the dreaded artificial sweetener which can fake your body into producing insulin as well as make you hungry.  Well, it was certainly making me hungry.  Like rendering the appetite suppressant useless kind of hunger.  I was eating more protein/more calories to satisfy my hunger.  Thursday night I actually threw out all the gum I had in my possession, and will not be purchasing more until I’m at goal weight, and maybe never.  It’s possible that gum is a gateway drug/trigger for me…..so I have to stay away.  It helps to have it to keep my mouth busy with chewing, as well as having something really sweet….but I have to go back to drinking hot coffee/tea with a little artificial sweetener or a PowerAde Zero for a sweet fix.

As for the almond milk….well I use Silk Vanilla UNSWEETENED Almond Milk, which is less than 1 carb per serving, 30 calories per serving, and one serving is 8 ounces.  So I’ve been adding almond milk to my shakes to add a little extra flavor and texture.  Then I’ve also added 1 TBSP of PB2 here and there to my shakes (and 1 TBSP is only 4 carbs)….again, I’ve accounted for the carbs in all of this……so all I can figure is my body is faked out by the sweetness, even artificial that it is, and it’s now out of ketosis.

So my plan going forward is the following:

1.  No more gum.  Threw it all out Thursday night, so haven’t had any since then.

2.  No more almond milk in shakes (a little in coffee is ok) and no more PB2 in shakes until I see weight loss, then I will limit it to a “treat” and in smaller quantities (perhaps only 4oz of almond milk in a shake per day, and 1 teaspoon of PB2 once a day.

Weight loss and weight maintenance are not perfect.  Even these accidental slip-ups can make a person feel down on themselves, but I don’t let it get me down for long.  I know it was truly an accident, so I’ve analyzed what could be the culprit(s) and have a plan to go forward.  It’s all I can do.

Over and out!

Assessing the damage


Hope everyone who celebrates it had a great Christmas!

In December I started the month on a roll of weight loss. Then it got really challenging, and I compensated by eating on protocol, but supplementing with too much artificial sweetener (like a whole pack of Trident gum in a day for several days in a row, as well as several pumps of sugar-free Davinci syrup in my coffee), and I stalled between 12/10 and 12/25.

Yesterday, Christmas Day, I went ahead and ate off-protocol, even though my family was supportive and I didn’t have to. I went into that bit of addictive thinking of “whatever, I haven’t lost weight for a while anyway, and it’s Christmas”. So I indulged. Mostly on sugar. I did not have bread, but I did have cheese, as well as other off protocol items. And you know what? Today I feel like a truck ran over me.

I feel stiff. I feel heavy. I feel blah. My body just doesn’t feel right.

I’m so glad I had this day. I am now committed, more than ever, to myself, the rest of my journey, and Ideal Protein. I’m determined to meet my goal weight by my one year anniversary on IP (May 30th, 2013) if not before. I’m also not married to my goal weight.

I’m 5’7″ with a medium frame. I may be happy at 180. I may be happy at 170. I may be happy at 160. I may want to go to 155. I won’t know until I get closer to these numbers. So right now, and in the recent past I’ve chosen 160 as my goal weight. So today I begin again, and I hope you all begin with me, if not today, then on January 2nd.

Today I weighed in at 207.8.  We begin again, and go forth!

Rock on!

Artificial sweetener is of the devil


Well, this week, after not cheating one bit, I actually gained .2 according to my coach’s scale. My weight loss has really stalled over the last 3 weeks. The only thing that was different was the introduction of Walden Farms (a no carb/no sugar/no calorie product line) into my diet.

On a typical day I was having the following:

  • 1 packet of splenda in my coffee in the morning.
  • 2 tiny sticks of sugar-free gum (at most), split in half to make 4 tiny pieces throughout the day
  • 1/2 packet of splenda in an Ideal Protein recipe of salad dressing
  • 1 to 2 Walden Farms products, following the service size, and only 1 serving.

So my coach and I determined it was simply too much artificial sweetener. So now I’m on a self-imposed “no artificial sweetener” ban.

Interestingly enough, other than the stalled weight loss, I was suspecting something was going on because of the following:

  1. I was having headaches. I had maybe 3 in the first 9 weeks on protocol, and all of a sudden 3 in a week.
  2. Instead of maybe only eating one stick of gum split in half, I was definitely eating 2, and really wanted more.
  3. I was simply hungrier.

So I’m hoping with this ban I will kick-start my weight loss again, not feel so hungry, and have far fewer headaches.