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Week Whatever Weigh-in


On Wednesday I weighed in at 234.7, which is a grand total of 53 pounds since June 4th!  Holy cow!

At 9.5 weeks post-surgery I have to admit I don’t have much interest in food.  In some ways that’s kind of sad, as food is one of the pleasures of life.  However, I’ve prayed my whole life to be someone who just doesn’t care about food…..who eats to live, not lives to eat…..and let me tell you, I’m there.  I’m finally there!

So I’m not really upset about looking as food as a means of nutrition, versus a codependent frenemy.

I ate out for the first time since surgery last night.  I had a half-portion of soup at Cafe Zupas.  I had the Chicken Yucatan soup, hold the tortilla strips.  I did good!  Yay for me!

Everything that everyone says about they wish they had done this sooner, it’s true!  I feel like not only did the surgeon make my stomach smaller and reroute my intestine, but he removed a monkey off my back.  And not a cute monkey.



Week 8 Weigh-in


Date: 7/31/17

Loss(-)/Gain(+) this Week:  -4.2 lbs

Current Weight:  245.0 lbs

Total Weight change since 6/4/17:  -42.7 lbs

One week and one day (forgot to weigh-in on Sunday until after I showered/spent the day out, and I like to weigh myself before showering).

Good week overall.

This blog is the most boring blog ever.


Week 7 Weigh-in


Date: 7/23/17

Loss(-)/Gain(+) this Week:  -5.5 lbs

Current Weight:  249.2 lbs

Total Weight change since 6/4/17:  -38.5 lbs

So this weigh in is a little more than a week because last weekend I was out of town… it’s actually 10 days.  When I am able to, my “official” weigh-in days will be Sundays.

On Wednesday I have my 5 week post-op appointment with my surgeon, so we’ll see how they feel about my progress.  I am 20.9 pounds down from the morning of surgery as of today, so we’ll see if they are pleased with that.

I’m in an online forum for June 2017 gastric bypass patients, and it’s really interesting to see the variances in weight loss and what we can each tolerate food-wise.  I would say I’m average on both counts.  I’m fine with average.

Another big progress this week is the fact that I graduated myself to taking my 2 non-surgery related prescriptions by normal pill swallowing, versus crushing.  I cut them, so they are smaller, but now I’m swallowing them instead of tasting them.  And let me just say, that makes a huge difference!

The iron vitamin I must take each day, and must take by itself (or at least 2 hours before and after any calcium) is the worst.  However, I’ve heard more than one story of patients who lapsed on their vitamins and are now getting iron transfusions at the hospital.  So I just chew it and gag it down.  I’ve found taking a couple of listerine breath strips right after helps take away the gross iron after-taste.

Have I mentioned that by the 2nd week home from surgery I was off of my blood pressure meds?  So that’s fantastic.  Honestly, I was just as happy to be able to take less pills each days as much as the non-scale victory of no longer needing BP meds.  It’s the small things in life.  🙂

Over and out for now!  Thanks for checking in with me!


I’m Starting to Hate Food


After weight loss surgery, some people can no longer tolerate dairy.  I’m happy to report I’m not one of those people.  I’m happy to report that, because aside from protein shakes, dairy is about all I can easily tolerate at this time (cottage cheese, yogurt, milk in the shakes, cheese sticks).

The first time I ate a scrambled egg all was fine.  I’ve tried twice since, and both times have been a struggle.  The chuck roast I made a couple of weeks ago (I blended it 2 weeks ago) was fine……today it did not go fine (and I’m supposed to be on “soft foods” now so I didn’t blend, instead just chewed really well).

Today makes 4 weeks since my surgery.  I just need to be patient.  That’s difficult, but I really have no choice.

Week 6 Weigh-in


Date: 7/14/17

Loss(-)/Gain(+) this Week:  -1.3 lbs

Current Weight:  254.7 lbs

Total Weight change since 6/4/17:  -33.0 lbs

Doing the weekly weigh-in 2 days early (Friday instead of Sunday).  It’s now been 3.5 weeks since my surgery, and it seems from all the closed Facebook groups for bariatric surgery to hit a stall at week 3 is very common.  Yes, I could drop another pound or so in the next day or so, but I’m not worried about it.

I also know that in 2012 when I was on Ideal Protein that as an individual, my body tends to lose pretty steadily for 3 out of 4 weeks in any month.  It is almost like the body needs to catch up with itself.

Today I’m excited to report I tried an egg today, which I scrambled.  It went down very easily, and for that I’m happy.  This means I can go out for a meal at any place that serves breakfast and have an omelet or something (of course, like 1/4 of the omelet, but still…).  I look forward to feeling a bit more normal as the weeks and months progress.  And by normal I mean being able to go out to eat sometimes and not have to be so hyper-focused on “can I that?”

It all takes time, and I just need to be patient and ride it out.

Week 5 Weigh-in

Week 5 Weigh-in

Date: 7/9/17

Loss(-)/Gain(+) this Week:  -4.4 lbs

Current Weight:  256.0 lbs

Total Weight change since 6/4/17:  -31.7 lbs

After my first “dumping” episode on Monday I was able to have a successful week of food intake.  I’m staying away from tuna and mayonnaise for the next few weeks/months, and will try again down the road.

Yesterday I made a chuck roast and veggies in the crockpot.  When it was cooked I made little containers of 2oz of roast and 2oz of veggies and froze them.  There were 6 containers (the largest one contained 2 portions….I ran out of my smaller containers).  I also made the same 4oz portion for myself last night that I blended.  Looked like cat food, but tasted wonderful.  The portions I froze I did not blend because I can always blend them once I thaw them.

With the leftover veggies and au jus I blended the entire thing and put that in the fridge without roast (I had more veggies than meat).  Tonight I scooped out 1/2 c of the blended veggies and added 1 scoop of unflavored protein powder to it.  Was good.

My grandmother had a small appetite, and especially in her later years her refrigerator was filled with tiny containers of this food and that food.  Now my fridge looks like hers.  LOL.  I’m glad I like leftovers.

It will also be interesting to see over time what really can be frozen and what shouldn’t be.

Everything, right now, is new.

Yesterday boyfriend and I went to a state park not far from where we live and walked around for a while.  Probably a mile anyway.  I need to get my Fitbit up and running again.

I got a good night of sleep last night (I’ve been able to sleep on my side again for the last 2 nights…..ahhhhhh!) but today I napped from 4pm until 8pm.  My body is going through a lot right now and you just have to go with it.

OK, over and out!



Food is the Enemy


At least for now it is.

Surgeon graduated me to blended foods last Wednesday, and I was following all instructions…..what to eat,  what not, how much, etc….and all was well.

Sunday I became nauseous and gaseous (belching) by eating a cauliflower mac and cheese recipe from the bariatric boards.  So I had to toss that out.

No cauliflower for now.  Bummer.

After reviewing my notebook I saw that I should be trying meats, like tuna, and blending them.  So today I made 2oz of albacore tuna in a packet and added 2 TBSP of Lite Mayo.  No sugars in this meal, and only 2 carbs.

Within 10 minutes of eating I was belching.  Within 20 I was walking through the house trying to help minimize the belching and provide relief.  Within 30 minutes I felt like I had a knife in my chest and was crying and struggling to breathe calmly.  By 45 minutes I had vomited.  Withing 30 minutes of that I vomited saliva twice.

TMI.  Sorry.

Look, I have no problem having what is known as “dumping syndrome” had I eaten something not allowed, but I ate allowed items and quantities.  Oh well.

So today I got in only 30 g protein and 30 oz of water.  Supposed to have at least 60 of each.  Plus, there is no way I’m attempting my vitamins or prescriptions tonight.

Two weeks ago I was not even in my hospital room yet, so I guess I can’t complain too much.