Week Whatever Weigh-in


On Wednesday I weighed in at 234.7, which is a grand total of 53 pounds since June 4th!  Holy cow!

At 9.5 weeks post-surgery I have to admit I don’t have much interest in food.  In some ways that’s kind of sad, as food is one of the pleasures of life.  However, I’ve prayed my whole life to be someone who just doesn’t care about food…..who eats to live, not lives to eat…..and let me tell you, I’m there.  I’m finally there!

So I’m not really upset about looking as food as a means of nutrition, versus a codependent frenemy.

I ate out for the first time since surgery last night.  I had a half-portion of soup at Cafe Zupas.  I had the Chicken Yucatan soup, hold the tortilla strips.  I did good!  Yay for me!

Everything that everyone says about they wish they had done this sooner, it’s true!  I feel like not only did the surgeon make my stomach smaller and reroute my intestine, but he removed a monkey off my back.  And not a cute monkey.



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