Week 7 Weigh-in


Date: 7/23/17

Loss(-)/Gain(+) this Week:  -5.5 lbs

Current Weight:  249.2 lbs

Total Weight change since 6/4/17:  -38.5 lbs

So this weigh in is a little more than a week because last weekend I was out of town…..so it’s actually 10 days.  When I am able to, my “official” weigh-in days will be Sundays.

On Wednesday I have my 5 week post-op appointment with my surgeon, so we’ll see how they feel about my progress.  I am 20.9 pounds down from the morning of surgery as of today, so we’ll see if they are pleased with that.

I’m in an online forum for June 2017 gastric bypass patients, and it’s really interesting to see the variances in weight loss and what we can each tolerate food-wise.  I would say I’m average on both counts.  I’m fine with average.

Another big progress this week is the fact that I graduated myself to taking my 2 non-surgery related prescriptions by normal pill swallowing, versus crushing.  I cut them, so they are smaller, but now I’m swallowing them instead of tasting them.  And let me just say, that makes a huge difference!

The iron vitamin I must take each day, and must take by itself (or at least 2 hours before and after any calcium) is the worst.  However, I’ve heard more than one story of patients who lapsed on their vitamins and are now getting iron transfusions at the hospital.  So I just chew it and gag it down.  I’ve found taking a couple of listerine breath strips right after helps take away the gross iron after-taste.

Have I mentioned that by the 2nd week home from surgery I was off of my blood pressure meds?  So that’s fantastic.  Honestly, I was just as happy to be able to take less pills each days as much as the non-scale victory of no longer needing BP meds.  It’s the small things in life.  🙂

Over and out for now!  Thanks for checking in with me!


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