Daily Archives: July 18, 2017

I’m Starting to Hate Food


After weight loss surgery, some people can no longer tolerate dairy.  I’m happy to report I’m not one of those people.  I’m happy to report that, because aside from protein shakes, dairy is about all I can easily tolerate at this time (cottage cheese, yogurt, milk in the shakes, cheese sticks).

The first time I ate a scrambled egg all was fine.  I’ve tried twice since, and both times have been a struggle.  The chuck roast I made a couple of weeks ago (I blended it 2 weeks ago) was fine……today it did not go fine (and I’m supposed to be on “soft foods” now so I didn’t blend, instead just chewed really well).

Today makes 4 weeks since my surgery.  I just need to be patient.  That’s difficult, but I really have no choice.