I’ve been busy having gastric bypass


For real.  On June 20th, 2017 I took the plunge.  It was a 10+ year decision that I finally made, and so far, so good.

In September 2006, at my highest ever weight (before or since) of 327 I went to a weight loss surgery seminar put on by the Kane Center.  In November 2006 my husband at the time and I decided to end our marriage, and I put the brakes on the surgery.  I am a firm believer of “one big life change at a time” when you can control such things.

In January 2010, Dr. James Kane removed my gallbladder, and because he was concerned about my weight (around 280 at the time), he recommended I come to the seminar again.  That time I took my mom.  Various things played into why I didn’t pursue it then….mostly because my family doctor at the time recommended I pay thousands of dollars to a personal trainer she just hired for her clinic.

As well documented on my blog, I lost a ton of weight (304.7 to 185.0 to be exact) between May 2012 and May 2013, and never properly transitioned to maintenance.  Then mom died in 2014 and I ballooned up to 283, when in February 2015 I started medi-weightloss.  I had lost a significant amount (from 283 to 225) when in June 2015 they closed their office, and yet again, I had nothing to transition to.  In September I went to another “money making” clinic where I did Optifast for 6 until I just could NOT continue with it (caused me a lot of stomach discomfort).  I transitioned to a weird, hippy nutritionist in the same office who had me on rice protein (gag), and I left that office in December 2015, having difficulties with missing my mom for the 2nd holiday season.

In 2016 I just ate at whim, when in July I decided to try the Renfrew eating disorder program.  I thought I was a binge eater, only to realize in the program that I’m only a binge eater after deprivation.  It was a good program, and I met some really good younger ladies (in their late teens and early 20’s), however it was really skewed towards anorexia and bulimia.  There were some good eating habits I learned, but after 6 weeks I graduated and began working with a nutritionist, who charged $50 per visit and did not deal with insurance companies.  After 3 visits with her and just hemorrhaging money, I ended that relationship.

In January 2017 my aunt told me about a friend of the family who had undergone gastric bypass in November 2016 and was recovering fantastically.  After ruminating internally for a few weeks I signed up for my 3rd (and what turned out to be final) seminar at the Kane Center, and also called that friend of the family.

The statistics are what really convinced me.  If you lose weight “naturally”, in 5 years you have a 5% chance of maintaining that weight loss.  If you lose with bariatric surgery (along with healthy eating and exercise), in 5 years you have an 80% chance of maintaining that weight loss.

After a lifetime of up and down, I decided to take the 80% chance.

In the coming days I will write more about how I came to the decision of gastric bypass over other surgery options, as well as how it’s all going.

I doubt I’ll have many readers left, but I hope by sharing my story I may help someone else, as well as having another outlet for myself as I deal with this huge life change.

Thank you for reading!

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