Week 12 Check In


Date: 5/5/15

Loss(-)/Gain(+):  +0.4 lbs

Current Weight:  238.6 lbs

Not to worry…..still on plan.  According to their fancy scale, I lost 2.2 in fat this week, so the rest is water & muscle.  As a woman, you can only expect 3 positive weigh-ins a month.  That’s just how it goes.  When you wake up crampy and feeling like a bloated mess you know the number on the scale is not going to be in your favor.  It’s ok.

Walked a 5k on Sunday with a friend of mine.  We walked it last year and I’m quite sure we shaved 10 minutes off the time.  This year we were passing people.  Last year it was really difficult, this year was not.  Last year I was sore afterwards, this year not.  So all good progress!!!!

I think right now instead of missing any particular food I’m missing the convenience and freedom to eat whatever, whenever.  Eating healthy is difficult enough, but eating healthy while restricting calories/carbs takes a lot of effort in planning.  I’m used to it, just sometimes I miss the freedom.  But I don’t miss the weight….so there you go!

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