Daily Archives: April 17, 2015

Week 9 Check In (a few days late)


Date: 4/14/15

Loss(-)/Gain(+):  +0.4 lbs

Current Weight:  248.4 lbs

OK, not to worry.  I did not eat off plan.  According to the fancy scale at the medi-weightloss office I lost 2.4 lbs of fat, up 2.0 lbs of water, and up 0.8 lbs of lean tissue (muscle).  So it’s all good!

Regardless, the office and I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and bump up the phendimetrizene to 3 35mg pills per day, and to have a week 1 protocol of protein only just to re-stimulate weight loss.  So that’s where we are!