26 down


Date: 3/24/15

Loss(-)/Gain(+):  -4.6 lbs

Current Weight:  256.0 lbs


Hey there stalkers!  I’m coming to the realization that I’m not blogging as much this time around because there isn’t quite the angst there was in 2012.  It’s so much easier to lose weight when you work at home and have more control over your environment.  Boyfriend does have “his food” here….but I consider it “his food” and am not even tempted.  Much different than smelling others’ lunches in the office, donuts, bagels, cakes, potlucks……

I was on another short trip, which is also why I was silent.  I don’t like to broadcast when I’m out of town until after I’m back.  Boyfriend and I went to Phoenix for 5 days to catch some good weather and spring training.  I did not consciously eat off of plan, but you never know when sugar has been added to certain things.  We walked a lot, and I should have had a deficit calorie-wise…..but when I got back I had a weigh-in the day after, 14 hours after landing the plane, and I was up over a pound.  Apparently when you travel you retain water.  Anyway, so today’s weigh-in showed a 5.8 pound loss, for a grand total of 26.0 lost since February 10th.  So I’m satisfied with that.

This time around I’m able to eat nuts sometimes, cheese sometimes, and avocado.  Oh, and light mayo.  Everything needs to be accounted for.  I average 850 calories per day, and am almost always under 30 net carbs.  I’m seeing now that Ideal Protein’s products actually had quite a few carbs, so then there was no “extra” to give when a person wanted nuts, avocado, etc…..

However, I am a bit hungrier on Medi-Weightloss than I was on IP…..and I suspect the IP products also had something to do with it.  Some days I’m not hungry though, some days I am…..just like when you aren’t dieting.

And yes, I know I shouldn’t call this a diet because it makes it seem like it’s a short-term thing, and I know it isn’t.  I know I will have to eat like this 80% of the time when I’m in maintenance, if not 90%.

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