Another loss


Date: 3/10/15

Loss(-)/Gain(+):  -0.8 lbs

Current Weight:  260.6 lbs


Down 0.8 pounds today.  I’m not disappointed because I’m day 2 of my period, and feeling incredibly bloated.  Plus, their fancy scale shows that I lost 3.5 pounds of fat this week and am retaining quite a bit of water.  I am in ketosis, so no worries.

I’m down 21.6 in 4 weeks.  Not too shabby.

My next weigh in will be on Thursday, 3/19 because I won’t be available for my normal Tuesday weigh-in day.

As I read other blogs I still have to scratch my head as to how some people come to the decision of weight loss surgery.  To lose weight and keep it off you have to radically change the food you eat… why put your body through a surgery?   Live and let live, but I just don’t understand it.  I don’t see it as the easy way out, because if it was the easy way, then everyone who has the surgery would be successful, and they are not.  I see it as putting your body through unnecessary hardship, when you have to restrict food forever anyway.  I don’t know.  There are just several programs out there that tout (accurately) 2-5 pounds weekly weight loss (if you follow the plan)….so that should be enough to keep a person motivated.  But maybe not.

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