Hungry today


Overall, a fine day.  No real complaints.

Ate brunch at 11:30, 2 packets of alabcore tuna (90 cal each), 1 TBSP Hellman’s light mayo. .25 cup chopped onion over 2 lettuce leaves (to make 2 sandwich wraps).  DELICIOUS!  However, within an hour I was really hungry.

So I waited until 1:30 and made one cup of decaf coffee out of my Keurig and over ice.  Separately I prepared one Cinnamon protein shake (8 oz) for 115 calories.  Then I mixed it all together for a wonderful iced coffee treat that provided more calories and 22g protein.  I’ve been fine since.

Yesterday I ended up eating more calories than I had planned.  I went to Outback with a friend of mine and had the sirloin (5oz) with the added on Grilled Shrimp.  Those damn shrimp were over 250 calories!!!!!  Obviously there was lot more going on with those than just the 4 medium-sized shrimp.  Grrrr.  Still a low carb day without an issue, but was at like 1100 calories for the day instead of my usual 800-850 or so.  I also wonder if whatever was going on with the shrimp accounts for my hunger both last night and today.

This week I’m to add exercise to my program.  Today I’m not terribly motivated for that, but I will put a plan in place to ensure I get some in tomorrow.

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