Valentine’s Day update


Today is day 5 and so far so great! I’ve gotten in all my supplements, water, electrolytes, and protein calories each of the 5 days.

Boyfriend gave me a lovely card and little stuffed bear with a heart today. Other than that no special dinner or candies because of my plan. And flowers would be devoured by the kitties.

Very cold here. Got a lot done today, laundry, picking up around the house, etc….

Unsure if I’m in ketosis. I felt yesterday morning like I was. I usually feel it in the morning, like my body is humming….like it’s running efficiently or something. Didn’t get a chance to check the urine yesterday, but today it showed between nothing and “trace”. I never showed ketosis on those strips when I was on Ideal Protein in 2012, so I won’t get worked up if I don’t this time.

Looking forward to my appointment on Tuesday when I find out what incorporating vegetables look like! I’m craving veggies!

OK, happy Valentines Day everyone!!!

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