Feeling great today……not.

Headache and nausea. Headache expected. Nausea is a newer thing. I’m taking Zantac twice a day to settle my stomach. Listen, there is nothing going on physically to make me stop what I’m doing. Not at all. I know what’s on the other side (feeling great) and that keeps me going.

The nausea is also a nice hunger suppressant, although I would actually rather feel hungry than nauseous. You can’t have everything. I was up until 4am reading a book, and about 3am I was really hungry, but I don’t even think of cheating. Not worth it. Not at all.

I continue to be grateful that I work from home, so even when I feel less than my best I can still slog through the workday wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt.

I’m sure I will update later. Medi-weightloss provided me with the ketone strips to check my urine to see if I’m in ketosis. When I was on Ideal Protein I never had a positive ketosis reading on those strips, so I won’t hold my breath with this. Some people never have a positive reading with those things, and it doesn’t mean you aren’t in ketosis. I’ll probably start the sticks today for lack of something better to do. 🙂

Be well today!

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