Day 2 and all is well


Start Date: 2/10/15

Loss(-)/Gain(+):  n/a

Starting & Current Weight:  282.0 lbs


OK, so far so good.

This first week I’m on protein only. 600-650 calories of protein per day. Vegetables get introduced week 2.

What I like about the program, so far, is they don’t push their products….and you don’t need to use their products at all. If you do use a product, they really only want you using one per day. As it was explained to me, of course they would rather you eat more than one if it meant staying on track during a bad day.

There are many similarities between Medi-Weightloss and Ideal Protein. Where IP wants you to eat 2 tsp. salt each day with your food, MW just requires you drink 16oz of fluid with electrolytes in it (such as Smart Water or PowerAde Zero). The 16oz counts towards your 64oz + each day of water, but today I’ve had 80oz water plus 16oz of PowerAde Zero, to total 96oz fluids today. Drinking that much is not an adjustment like it was when I started IP, because I would say even on my naughtiest of days in the past year, I drank at least 40oz of water each day.

Side effects so far have been acid reflux, the feeling of needing to belch, and other gastro issues. I’ve never had the belch/nausea problem before, but it’s subsiding. By day 4 or 5 I’ll be right as rain. I suspect day 3 – 5 will bring the carb withdrawal headache, then I will have crossed to the other side of ketosis and will feel fabulous! At least that’s how it always was for me before.

Meanwhile I’m just being kind to myself….resting as I can, etc…..making the mental adjustments required.

One feeling I’ve already felt is impatience. I don’t ever want to wish my life away, but there is a bit of “can’t I just sleep for the next 8 months and wake me when I’m ready for maintenance?”

I appreciate my stalkers, old and new, and will be sharing this journey with you as openly as I can.

Over and out.

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