Starting this week!


OK, I’m still starting a new program, but was delayed one week due to contracting the flu at the very end of my vacation.  And I mean the real flu, people.  Not the “stomach flu”, but the influenza virus that lives in your lungs.  It drives me batty when people think the flu vaccine prevents the “stomach flu”, which is not a flu at all.  Anyway, so I had the honest to goodness version of influenza, complete with a round of Tamiflu prescribed by my doctor.

So my appointment to get started is Tuesday, February 10th, and then I begin the program on Wednesday, February 11th.

I had a great vacation though!  2 days in Fort Lauderdale/Miami, 6 days on a Caribbean cruise (ports in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, and Cozumel, Mexico), and then 2 days in Key West.  The winter storm Linus threw a bit of a monkey wrench at air travel, although we were officially delayed due to mechanical issues.  Had a planned stop in Atlanta, but the delay made us miss our connection.  Had to stay at a really crappy hotel near the Atlanta airport, only to get 3 hours of sleep and back to the airport to fly home.  When we got home, Steve’s bag was ripped and really messed up and mine was still in Atlanta!  All the while I was fighting the flu.  I got into the doctor the afternoon we got back only to find out I had a 101 degree temperature and Type A Influenza.   Icky flu test, by the way.  It’s like a pipe cleaner up your nose.

I find it to be so interesting that in 2012 when I began my Ideal Protein journey it was within 2 weeks of my first cruise.  So now my 2015 journey begins right after my 2nd cruise.

More to come!

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