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Food experimentation



Every now and then I impress myself.

So I tried cauliflower rice today. ¬†Blended it in the blender with water drained, etc….Then I was inspired to make a chicken fried rice with it, and also green pepper, green onion, mushrooms, chicken breasts, one egg, and 2 tsp olive oil. ¬†Oh, and 1 TBSP soy sauce. ¬†Boyfriend cam into the kitchen, which looks like a disaster area now, and said “you would never know this was a healthy meal the way it smells so good!”

My new favorite meal. ¬†For real. ¬†I would’ve taken a picture but it was so good I just had to dig right in.

Another thing I tried the other day is zucchini pasta (julienne peeler style). ¬†Sauteed in 1 tsp butter……fantastic!

Hungry today


Overall, a fine day.  No real complaints.

Ate brunch at 11:30, 2 packets of alabcore tuna (90 cal each), 1 TBSP Hellman’s light mayo. .25 cup chopped onion over 2 lettuce leaves (to make 2 sandwich wraps). ¬†DELICIOUS! ¬†However, within an hour I was really hungry.

So I waited until 1:30 and made one cup of decaf coffee out of my Keurig and over ice. ¬†Separately I prepared one Cinnamon protein shake (8 oz) for 115 calories. ¬†Then I mixed it all together for a wonderful iced coffee treat that provided more calories and 22g protein. ¬†I’ve been fine since.

Yesterday I ended up eating more calories than I had planned.  I went to Outback with a friend of mine and had the sirloin (5oz) with the added on Grilled Shrimp.  Those damn shrimp were over 250 calories!!!!!  Obviously there was lot more going on with those than just the 4 medium-sized shrimp.  Grrrr.  Still a low carb day without an issue, but was at like 1100 calories for the day instead of my usual 800-850 or so.  I also wonder if whatever was going on with the shrimp accounts for my hunger both last night and today.

This week I’m to add exercise to my program. ¬†Today I’m not terribly motivated for that, but I will put a plan in place to ensure I get some in tomorrow.

5.2 and goal to go!


Date: 2/24/15

Loss(-)/Gain(+):  -5.2 lbs

Current Weight:  266.0 lbs


LOL. ¬†So I had my weigh-in today and lost another 5.2 pounds for 16.0 overall in 2 weeks. ¬†After last week’s 10.8 I really expected only 2.5-3 at most, so was floored by the 5.2. ¬†I know from this point on, and I mean it this time, it will only be 2-3 per week.

My BP was up a little this week after being perfect last week.  Am hoping to get rid of the bp medicine soon.

This week I’m to incorporate exercise, 2.5 hours of moderate cardio plus strength and flexibility. ¬†So we will accomplish that goal too. ¬†I am a rule follower, after all.

Boyfriend says he can see a little that I’ve lost weight, and it was an unsolicited remark so I know it’s genuine. ¬†LOL.

Have a good day everybody!

Going great!


Sometimes my silence on here means I’ve fallen off a program, but sometimes it means I was busy, or just didn’t feel like I had much to report. ¬†I’m happy to say I just didn’t have much to report.

So I’ve held to my plan of not weighing myself on my own scale. ¬†For the time being, I’m just happy knowing I’m working a plan and having a weekly weigh in at the Medi-Weightloss clinic. ¬†That said, tomorrow is weigh-in day. ¬†I will come no where near to matching the first week’s 10.8 pounds, but I’m hoping for a solid 3 pounds. ¬†I’m still very heavy, so 3 is not unreasonable, but I know anything is good. ¬†I also know if something wacky happens it’s because of body adjustment, time of the month, whatever…..because if you follow the plan that is set, the weight loss numbers will come. ¬†They might not be shown the day you want them to, but they will come.

Point is, I won’t be devastated if I don’t lose 3. ¬†I’ve done this enough to know my body and how it reacts to low carb/no sugar. ¬†Stay the course.

This week I bought a julienne peeler to try out zucchini pasta…….OMG!!!!!!!!! ¬†New favorite!!!!!!!! ¬†After you turn the zucchini into the little julienne strips, shake a few shakes of salt on it while it’s in a colander or strainer. ¬†Periodically take a towel paper and squeeze the excess water out. ¬†Do this maybe 3 times in 20 minutes. ¬†Then it’s ready to cook with. ¬†The way I’ve prepared it is by sauteing it in 1 tsp of butter, but look on the interwebs for other recipes.


Over and out.

One year


Well, Mom, at 12:05am on Thursday, 2/19/15 it will have been a year since you went to heaven. I don’t recall ever spending one week without talking to you, much less one year. I know where you are you are happy that Dad and I helped each other this year, and grew closer. I know you are happy I’m in touch with more family members. I know you are happy I’m getting my weight under control. And lastly, I know you are happy that you no longer have to struggle to breathe. I love you so much, I will miss you as long as I live, and take joy in the fact we will meet again. I know you are with me, and I know no one could have loved me more.

Valentine’s Day update


Today is day 5 and so far so great! I’ve gotten in all my supplements, water, electrolytes, and protein calories each of the 5 days.

Boyfriend gave me a lovely card and little stuffed bear with a heart today. Other than that no special dinner or candies because of my plan. And flowers would be devoured by the kitties.

Very cold here. Got a lot done today, laundry, picking up around the house, etc….

Unsure if I’m in ketosis. I felt yesterday morning like I was. I usually feel it in the morning, like my body is humming….like it’s running efficiently or something. Didn’t get a chance to check the urine yesterday, but today it showed between nothing and “trace”. I never showed ketosis on those strips when I was on Ideal Protein in 2012, so I won’t get worked up if I don’t this time.

Looking forward to my appointment on Tuesday when I find out what incorporating vegetables look like! I’m craving veggies!

OK, happy Valentines Day everyone!!!