Monthly Archives: January 2015

Knock knock knock


Anyone there?

Anyone here?

Yes and yes.

For what seems to be the 10th reset of my journey towards health, I’m starting a new (to me) program on February 4th, barring I do not get delayed at an airport and can keep my “kickoff” date of February 3rd.  More details to come.

It’s been a hell of a year.  February 19th makes one year.  I’ve gotten through all of the biggest milestones…..all that is left is February 13th (the last time my mom was responsive) and February 19th (the day she transitioned).

I’m finally strong enough to undertake the weight loss journey again, and, just as important, strong enough to see any program through to maintenance.

I’m grateful for my dad.  For so many reasons.  And yes, I’m still with my fantastic boyfriend, who stuck with me as I gained back 100 pounds.

More soon!  I’ve missed all 3 people who read my blog!  🙂