Six months


Six months ago today I was at my condo, exhausted, and with my dad.

At 5 minutes after midnight we lost my mom.  It was my parent’s 43rd anniversary.

So exactly 6 months ago I was at home.  In a daze.  I remember the Olympics were on.  I knew it was good to be home, after barely having been there in days.  I was grateful my dad and I were there together.  It was good to be home with the cats.

I think I will blog about those final weeks with my mom soon.  i want to remember it.

I start going to a grief support group in mid-September.  I look forward to being in a room with others who are grieving, to have that community.

I will say that I’m proud that it did not even take the full six months to start to get my health act back together.  Today was Day 11 of 500 calories.  Still at it.  My mom would be very happy about that.

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