It all sucks, does it not?


Weight loss mode sucks.  Maintenance sucks.  Weight gain sucks.  The only thing that doesn’t suck is the act of gaining the weight.

I thought a little while ago about heading to Indiana to visit some family, and surprise them by taking them to dinner.  Then I realized I don’t get to eat restaurant food.  I could bring along my own food, I guess.  The whole thing is simply irritating.

I wish I could be one of those people who can do a nice well-rounded program like Weight Watchers to lose the weight.  But for some reason, that gives me too much lee-way during weight loss phase.  However, I plan on doing Weight Watchers once I’m at my goal weight, as the check and balance I need to maintain.

During weight loss phase I find that going hard-core works for me….because you see/feel the results steadily and quickly.  While it might be painful going through it (emotionally), it really works best for me.

So this is day #7 of 500 calories, with 34 more to go.

HCG Spray started Thursday, 8/7.  Thursday & Friday were what is called “Phase 1” (aka “Gorge Days”) which you are to eat anything you want, and actually more than you want.  Unfortunately, the spray made me nauseous during the gorge days, but whatever. 38 days of spray and 500 calories together.  3 days of 500 calories AFTER you finish the spray.  So that’s why I have 34 more days of 500 calories.

I don’t have great concentration, nor do I have great energy yet.  I’m still hungry a good portion of the time.

But I do know it sucks. It simply all sucks.

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