Is there really a point to counting?


Days or weeks or months on a diet/program/plan/protocol?  Not really.  Not if it’s a lifestyle change.  If there is anything I’ve found out about myself, which is not a shock at all, is that I’m great at losing weight….but not so great at maintaining.  

I’m in weight loss mode again.  A mode I’m familiar with.  I will worry about maintenance later.  I do have in mind that to lose the weight I will do my version of a low carb/no sugar/high protein/low calorie diet…..but for maintenance I’m wondering if I should switch to more of a Weight Watchers mode of points, or calorie counting.

I know one thing for sure….sweets are my crack, and once I start down the road of bad choices, then other bad food choices follow.  So I will have to get better support in place for when I get to my goal.

This blog is random.  I will get back into the groove of blogging.  I appreciate all who read my blog, and I apologize for being gone for so long.

Let’s all hang in there!  We can all do this!

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