11 pounds down….goal to go


Today is day 8 (but who is counting?  Me, apparently) and down 11 full pounds.  From now on I expect to lose 1-3 pounds per week.

It never gets easier.

But life isn’t easy.

This will continue to challenge me my whole life, but that is ok.  Other people have this challenge, and other people have challenges I don’t have.  So I have a weight challenge….so what?

So what do I weigh?  Ugh.  I really don’t want to admit it here.  But I guess I’ve admitted it all along, so I might as well.

At the beginning of June I weighed 185.  Almost immediately I reverted to terrible behaviors of binge eating and secret eating (true food addict behavior) due to stress in my life.  On Monday, 9/9 I topped out at 231.7.  This morning, Monday, 9/16, I weighed in at 220.7….a full 11 pounds lost my first week back.

I’m hoping to be back to 185 by my birthday in mid-January and to my goal of 170 by June 2014.  I already know I will have an “eat anything day” on Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Oh, and this time I’m not using Ideal Protein products…..I’m using some products I found on http://www.dietdirect.com.  BariWise and Wonderslim….look for the aspartame-free products in both lines.  They are good substitutes for IP and cost 50-60% less than IP products, plus I have no weekly clinic fee.  I’m still following the principles of IP however.

OK stalkers, that’s all for now.

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