In ketosis and it feels so good


OK peeps, day 5 and down 10 pounds.

I was sick with a very bad head cold on days 2-5, so overall I felt “blah”….didn’t really have an appetite, and the head cold trumped any sugar withdrawal headaches.

This morning I woke up feeling thinner, which is a feeling difficult to describe, but I know I’m in ketosis…..both by feel and by math (I was in ketosis probably on day 4).

Anyhoo, I’m hoping to make my goal of 185 by my birthday in mid-January.  Yes, I was there in June.  Oh well!  It’s all a journey!

I’m planning 2 cheat days in the next few months……Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  That’s it.  It’s just too hard otherwise.

Over and out, and have a good Friday!

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