Daily Archives: July 29, 2013

For real for real….and I mean it this time


Day 1 begins today!  Yes, it’s day 1 again!  YAY!!!!!!

What is going on??????

I always knew part of my journey was going to be learning how to deal with stress.  During the vast majority of my weight loss in 2012 I was relatively stress-free, and I just was in the mind-frame that nothing was going to derail me.

I’ve gotten away from that mindset.  The “big whiny baby” part of my subconscious has been screaming louder than the rational, adult part.  The baby wants to eat any and all foods again, only has not learned how to do that in moderation.  The baby wants to not eat as many vegetables.  The baby wants to do whatever she wants.

I’ve had some stresses in my life.  BIG DEAL.  We all have them.  What I will be getting back to TODAY is dealing with those stresses in ways that will not add more stress to the situation.  Yes, eating ice cream is a lovely 5 minute diversion from stress…..but then makes the stress worse because I emotionally/mentally/physically feel bad afterwards.

We are at a crisis point……I’ve got about 4 things in my closet that I feel comfortable wearing right now and I WILL NOT buy larger sizes!!!!!!!!!!!  So this bus is turning around immediately!!!!!!!

What is my plan?  Low-ish carbs (only going to eat “good carbs” that are complex), “good sugars” like fruit (I’m not going seek out fruit, but I’m not going to deny myself fruit either).  Basically I need to ask myself “Is this providing me nutrition?” and if the answer is “no”, then I won’t eat or drink it.