I’m making a comeback


206.5 on the morning of day 5.  Definitely in ketosis, and 6.9 pounds down from Friday morning.  My face looks a little thinner.  I’m still in “fat pants”, but only because they are just more comfortable.  I’m still dealing with some gastrointentinal issues which is making me feel bloated, but hopefully that will be gone soon (been having issues for 2 days now).

It never gets easier, mostly because this diet does feel like deprivation with no fruit or good carbs or cheese.  If I could just figure out a way to eat in moderation…..

I want to stay on the IP principled diet (sans IP products) until I can’t stand it anymore, or until I reach 199.9.  However, if I stayed on it faithfully, I could get to 170 in 3 months, if I get back to the 12 lbs/month loss I was doing in my heyday.  That would put me at the end of October.  I can do that, as long as there are no trips coming up in those 3 months.  Overnights are fine.  It’s like a week in Vegas or on a cruise that would be the issue.

I just know I felt better and looked better at 185, and will look and feel even better at 170, and maybe even 160.

Why is it always so damn hard?

If I could just feel better physically it wouldn’t be quite so difficult…..

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