Day 3


As usual for an addict, I took a personal crisis as an excuse for eating whatever I wanted.  I had to put one of my dear sweet cats to sleep on Wednesday night, as he had been sick for a few weeks and it was finally time to say goodbye.  I gave myself Thursday the day to eat and do whatever, and Friday was again day 1.  I weighed in at 214.4 pounds.

This morning, at the beginning of day 3, I weighed in at 207.0.  I’ve been tracking my food like a hawk, and I’ve been under 50g carbs per day, so should be in ketosis by tomorrow.  Today I felt the typical day 3 fatigue/headache/gastrointestinal issues.  So hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow.

As mentioned before, I’m following the basic principles of Ideal Protein without using their products, as I’m out of my favorites.  Basically be under 50/55 carbs per day….eat a lot of veggies, mostly lean meats, get in olive oil and supplements (my own), and drink at least 10 cups of water each day.  

I’ve tried something new….almond milk.  For one cup of almond milk you have only 30 calories and 2 carbs.  It’s fabulous!  Having only 1 oz of skim milk in coffee really sucks.  So to be able to have “more” is great!  I haven’t had any almond milk to drink outright, and I doubt I will, but as my creamer in coffee it’s a great alternative.

Hope everyone is doing well!

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