I just couldn’t stay away….


I weighed myself this morning and I weighed in at 208.3.  Weight loss is slower, but I’ve actually eaten things that IP does not recommend such as nuts, avocados, and “real” salad dressing.  I ended up with closer to 90 carbs yesterday and 2300 calories…..but that’s ok.  The last 2 days I’ve been tapering.  Or maybe this is just how I’m going to do it.  Maybe going this slow is fine.

I mean my goodness…..I used to weigh 327 pounds (in 2006) and 304 (in 2012)…..so 208 is a victory.  A solid victory.  I’m feeling less bloated and more in control.  I believe that this weight loss method (mostly low carb and very low sugar while watching calories and amping up activity in a few days) is the way to go for me, for now.

I just never felt that Ideal Protein phase 4 was going to work for me.  I read a lot about a lot of other people really struggling with it.  So because this is my life I need to find what is going to work for me for the long-haul.  If it takes me another year to get to 160/170, oh well!  I still have to live in the meantime….go on vacations, celebrate birthdays, have some Christmas cookies.  I just have to learn how to not binge.  I don’t yet know what a “happy medium” looks like for me as far as not bingeing…..but I know one thing for sure: I will find it.

Because I can do anything, and I know that to be true.

So day 3 today came with a headache….not surprising.  Sugar withdrawals will do that to you.

This morning instead of having 2 scoops of protein powder for breakfast I only had one.  So I will try to taper that way today.  Tonight I’m going out to dinner with a friend of mine to a place where you can create your own stir fry….so I will go sans rice or noodles and be careful with the sauces.

There is such a mental desire to feel like a failure with having touched 185 and now weighing 208….but I just can’t go back to that failure/punishment mentality that kept me over 250 pounds for so many years.  Instead I choose to look at these “blips” not even as setbacks as much as learning opportunities.  I reigned it in quickly, and I think that is excellent.

That’s it for the moment.  🙂

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  1. I love it! A “blip”!!! I think I’m going to steal that one because it is so apropos for what we are trying to accomplish. I know you can get this figured out because you are capable of doing anything you put your mind to. Right now maintaining is hard but I think eventually it will become second nature to us…we just need to figure out what it looks like for us and how to do it so we can live with it. But blips are just a small mark in our map of life and we can move over them fairly easily.
    You go girl!!!
    Spark Team Moderator

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