Daily Archives: July 10, 2013

Feeling better!


Hello everyone and happy Wednesday!

I got through yesterday quite successfully.  I ended up around 1700 calories and 100 carbs yesterday, which is completely great for a first day.  If I “ease” back into my plan I’m fine with that.  For my sweet treat before bed I had my final IP vanilla packet.

I bought some protein powder (2 kinds) from Walmart last night, as well as some Atkins bars.

Today I weighed in at 209.8….so 1.8 pounds lost in one day.  I am going to try to stay off the scale for a few days now.  I know when I’m in weight loss and when I’m not….and I will know how my pants feel….so there is really no need to step on the scale.

It’s amazing how much better emotionally I feel when I’m not bingeing…..