Feeling good about my decision


So yesterday I made it through sugar-free and low-carb and I dropped 4 pounds.  Again, I’m planning on doing “traditional Ideal Protein Phase 1”  until I hit 190, then I will begin to slowly introduce more carbs/sugars.

Starting now:  Run 3 times per week.

Week 1 (this is when I hit 190 in the next week or so)

  • Remove all sugary temptations from the house so I can’t binge late at night
  • one slice of Ezekiel bread and 2 Tbsp natural peanut butter every day to breakfast in addition to my protein shake
  • protein bar (low sugar) on days I run
  • 1/4 cup almonds for snack
  • protein shakes as needed for lunch/snack
  • hard boiled eggs for lunch (2 large)
  • lean protein and non-starchy vegetables for dinner

The second week I will add the following:

  • one piece of fruit mid-morning or at lunch and one piece of cheese
  • add more skim milk to coffee as I wish

Week 3

  • every other day have a “good starch” such as a sweet potato, or a wheat “flat” bun with a hamburger
  • once a week have a frozen yogurt or ice cream treat, but ensuring I’m with someone so I can’t sneak anything more
  • an alcoholic beverage whenever (I hardly drink, so it won’t be an issue monitoring this)

Maintain week 3 for a while until I lose whatever weight I want and figure out if this will work for maintenance.  I’ve always reserved the right to switch lunch with dinner, so if I have lunch plans, I’ll switch it around.  Or….I can have lean protein and non-starchy vegetables at both lunch and dinner occasionally.

I think this will work.

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