Another way I know


Another way I know I’m in weight loss mode besides all of the other ways is I notice the subtlest of changes in my physical appearance.

I feel like a narcissist.

My jaw, neck, and face are more contoured.  My forearms and hands are slightly thinner.  All of the things I was noticing in 2012 during the rapid weight loss I’m noticing again.

I love it, and I’ll take it.  Every last bit of it.

I’m having so much fun right now with clothes and shoes it’s insane.  I bought a lot of work clothes last week at Savers (I outfitted myself for my trip there too).  Fabulous finds!  

Another great article I found on how former fat women have a hard time with their minds catching up to their bodies is here.  I’m further along than I was, but I definitely still have moments where I think I’m 300 pounds….especially when it comes to sitting in chairs, booths, etc….I look at the size of my clothes, and the size of my mom’s clothes (she is a small woman) and it’s amazing to me.

What a good life.

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