Daily Archives: June 5, 2013

Another way I know


Another way I know I’m in weight loss mode besides all of the other ways is I notice the subtlest of changes in my physical appearance.

I feel like a narcissist.

My jaw, neck, and face are more contoured.  My forearms and hands are slightly thinner.  All of the things I was noticing in 2012 during the rapid weight loss I’m noticing again.

I love it, and I’ll take it.  Every last bit of it.

I’m having so much fun right now with clothes and shoes it’s insane.  I bought a lot of work clothes last week at Savers (I outfitted myself for my trip there too).  Fabulous finds!  

Another great article I found on how former fat women have a hard time with their minds catching up to their bodies is here.  I’m further along than I was, but I definitely still have moments where I think I’m 300 pounds….especially when it comes to sitting in chairs, booths, etc….I look at the size of my clothes, and the size of my mom’s clothes (she is a small woman) and it’s amazing to me.

What a good life.

I’m a rare case


OK, this post is about a woman’s monthly visitor, so if you are sensitive to such topics, stop reading now.

Since month 2 or 3 on Ideal Protein I’ve had frequent cycles (14 to 21 days instead of 28).  This stabalized January – May due to my “cheats”.  Well I’m ecstatic to report (sarcasm) that since returning from my trip on May 4th I’ve had my period 3 times.  In the last month I would say I’ve had only 5 days where I did not have to wear at least a light liner.

This could be a big factor in my part of some of the emotional messiness I’ve dealt with in the past month with my mom, because it does take two to tango.  Even if my ability to walk away and not escalate is my only crime, I certainly have not been able to successfully do that.  I hate to blame the hormonal fluctuations, but it’s a real thing.

Ideal Protein has documented the menstrual cycle abnormalities while on the diet at this link.  In the paragraph titled “Menstrual Irregularities” you will see that I’m one of the lucky rare women who is having several periods a month when she is doing the program properly.

So the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is I’m doing the diet correctly.  Duh.