Crossing over


Did I mention over the weekend I became overweight?

Crossed right over the border from obese to overweight.  According to BMI charts, that is.

I was able to tell my guy that he was no longer with an obese woman, now he was just with an overweight woman.  He just chuckled, looked at me funny, and said “to me you are just Amy”.


Nonetheless I’m THRILLED!!!  No matter if my goal is 170 or 160, I know for certain my long-term goal is to be under “obese” for the rest of my life, and for my height that means under 185.9 lbs.

And, as usual after hitting a goal, I’ve stayed off the scale since Saturday.  With normal fluctuations I did NOT want cross back over to obese again.  LOL.  I will weigh in on my own scale on Thursday morning, as Thursday evening is my Ideal Protein office weigh-in, and I like to be able to say “Well this morning I weighed xxx.x”

And I should (fingers crossed) maybe be in the 184 range on Thursday morning.

I had a coworker tell me he didn’t recognize me, as he had not seen me in a while.  Pretty cool.

And I rockin’ some 3 inch heels today too.  I did not pay that price for them…..I paid half that.  new shoes

Oh.  Yeah.

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