New weight loss



The mental relief new weight loss brings…..there is nothing like it.  Previously low was 188.  This morning I’m 187.76.  I’m wearing my size 12 jeans, muffin top and all, and just wearing a big shirt to hide it.  My legs, butt, hips have all been a size 12 for a while now…’s my abdomen where 90% of my loose skin is that doesn’t cooperate with that size.

I was blessed with having good legs, but they are on the smaller size as far as weight….so often I have to buy pants based on my waist size, but then my legs and butt are loose.  A shame, really…but that’s just how my body is.  Perhaps as I lose more it will be better.  It will never be great…I don’t have an hourglass figure as it is….my waist to hip ratio has always been slight….which means I’m an apple shape which is the worst for potential heart issues, as we know.  The good news is I’m doing everything I can to ensure my future health, and that is all any of us can do.

The further away from “cheats” the easier it gets mentally.  I don’t know why that is, but it is.

It’s also amazing that when I’m in weight loss, and I’m not having a hard day I want to get to 160, but when I’m having a hard time I’m ok with 170.  Perhaps I should meet in the middle and just say the goal is 165.

Perhaps I should just not worry about the number, and simply be grateful I’m in weight loss (the diet works people!).

Over and out.  Rock on today and every day!

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