In summary


Look people, if I was held captive in a Turkish prison (no offense to Turkish prisons, they just always seem to be the fictional place soap opera characters go when their character has been presumed dead for years, then voila! They reappear) I would be able to lose 20 more pounds.  Probably a lot more than that.

That would be based on starvation, which I don’t want to do….nobody does….but the bottom line is the weight will come off.  Therefore, it can come off doing Ideal Protein too.  It can come off doing other programs too, but I know IP works for me, so I’m sticking with that.

I’m grateful for all who read my blog, and all who comment.  Your words of support are awesome.  I can only hope that by reading all that I’ve gone through in the past year has helped at least a few people.

I know the act of writing has helped me.  

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