Hear Ye! Hear Ye!


What is it with me and proclamations?

I have *finally* (kiss of death) decided upon a goal weight.  

170 pounds.

And because you know I like lists, here is the list of why I’m settling on 170.

  1. It’s 15 pounds under my 185 “high marker” of edging out of overweight and into obese according to the BMI charts.  If I land at 170 and play with 8 pounds, I’m still well under “obese”.
  2. My doctor recommends 170 for my age.
  3. It’s probably going to be darn difficult to get lower than 170, and I’m tired of dieting.
  4. I will surpass 172, which I’m finally going to blog about 172 day after this entry.
  5. I probably have at least 5 pounds of loose skin on my arms, legs, butt, and abdomen….so my body feels like it’s metabolizing at a lower weight.  So if I get to 170 and I have skin reduction surgery, I’m probably really 160-165.  Whether I get the reduction surgery remains to be seen (will I really need it? what will my body look like in a year after maintaining? will I be able to afford it?)
  6. I can always take a break from the diet and resume again if I want to and go lower if I want to.
  7. I’m happy where I am now, it would just be fun to experience being a little bit smaller.

So there you have it.  A real goal to shoot for.  Whew!

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  1. hi amy…i’ve been reading thru YOUR.WHOLE.BLOG. over the past few days. ironically, we started on the SAME day last year! you, however, have STUCK with it over the whole year (well, except for your foray into running/and dieting …was it WW?) anyhoo…you’ve lost the INCREDIBLE am’t i would have LOVED to lose! i did GREAT from may 30-end of august. then i crashed and burned with that one taste of PIZZA!!! oh my. from then on it was just pure torture and roller coaster all these months since!!! HELP! it’s definitely been inspiring reading of your travails and your AWESOMENESS of sticking to it.

    when i read (in a more recent post) that everything tastes awful it makes me think of my coach who cooks daily and LOVES what she eats! i hate SAMEness. i hate cooking. i hate salad and anything green. right now.

    before ideal, i could go off sugar for 30 days. this time i made it 90 and FELT GREAT. i lost 60. wow!! then my mind games start, the sugar DEMON in me starts begging and rationalizing, etc.

    i REALLY want to get back on this bandwagon and stay on!!!! i want to get down to under 2’s and reach a GOAL! PLEASE, Lord! I’m so inspired by you. I can’t afford this anyway…let alone to keep giving in (late at night) to the temptations!!!

    do you have a good coach? anyway, i’m hoping to keep being inspired by you! we have to find a way to do this for life. have you been apprised of the terms of phase 4? does it seem in any way doable for you? we really need to wrap our brains around never eating bread all.night.long. anymore.

    God bless

    • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, and for reading my blog!!!! I do have a good coach, but honestly, I don’t even need a coach anymore, approaching 1 year tomorrow. I’m either going to do it, or I’m not.

      I’ve given myself permission to not think much about phase 4 until I’m there. I’ve heard about it….and it seems impractical. I would love to be able to transition to a more balanced lifestyle of WW and exercise to maintain once I’m at maintenance…..but the freedom of sugar would probably make me fail.

      I’m discovering that I have a real addiction to sugar. The good news is the longer span of time I get from my “cheat” the easier it is….and I’m sure you know that to be as well. What helped me the first 9 months when I didn’t cheat at all was just giving myself permission to be a crabby lunatic when I wanted sugar and it seemed to be all around me. It was easier then because I was averaging 15 pounds lost each month.

      I tried WW for 2 days during one of my “breaks” and I ate 5 pieces of fruit the first day (because I could) and that set me off onto a dangerous sugar binge. Unfortunately fruit is just as dangerous to me as a baked good, ice cream, or candy.

      None of this is easy. Fight the good fight and get under 200. You can do it!

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