172 Day


I’ve mentioned 172 before in other posts and promised I would blog about it.  I could wait until I get to 172 pounds, but I believe I will just go ahead and blog about it now.

When I was a freshman in high school at some point in the fall/winter I gained some weight.  I don’t know how much, but I got up to somewhere in the low 180’s.

My mother took me the doctor, who put me on a 1200 calorie diet….which I do not believe a doctor would put a 14-year old girl on a 1200 calorie diet in this day and age, but I could be wrong.  In any event, I did lose weight.  I remember packing my lunch and writing down what I was eating.  I do not remember how long I dieted, but I remember getting into size 12 pants (this was in 1988-1989).

In my high school, all freshman took gym class (we were only required to take one year of gym, thank God).  Sometimes the gym class teachers would group us into boys and girls separately, and sometimes we were mixed.  On this particular day we were girls only.

That day the teacher took us to the nurse’s office for us to get weighed.  We all stood in line, and the girls around you could see the results, as it was one of the old school physician scales like Image the picture of the scale in this entry.

Anyway, almost all of the freshman girls were thin….being late 1980’s and before the current obesity crisis.  Most were on the thin side, and only a few were noticeably heavier than me.  So you’ve got girls mostly in the 95 – 130 pound range, give or take.  Then there was me.

Well, I stepped on the scale and it read 172.  For a split second, and I mean a split second, I was pleased.  I was pleased and proud.  172 meant I had lost some weight after ballooning up to the low 180’s.  Good for me, right?  Absolutely.  But you know what came next….

“Oh my God, you weigh 172?”

I don’t remember what little bitch said that….I really don’t.  But whoever said it scarred me for life.  Whoever it was might as well have slapped me, or stabbed me, or run over my cat.

I don’t know if it was immediate, but within a few months I gained weight.  I graduated high school somewhere between 185-190.

Suffice it to say that every day since that fateful day I wished I was 172 pounds again.  Because I certainly do not remember the exact day in 1988-1989 it was, but I do know that I have not weighed 172 since that day.

And as for the bitch that said “Oh my God, you weigh 172?”, well, let’s just say I hope she’s living the life she deserves.  Because that one phrase has been burned into my brain for 25 years.

So that’s the story behind 172 pounds, and why I will celebrate 172 Day.

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  1. It makes me sad to think that a teenager’s thoughtless and mean comments are able to have such a profound impact on someone. Teens are known for not having any common sense but the adults should not have allowed such a comment to even occur in the first place. How utterly stupid of the adults in that school to have a weigh-in for teen girls in such a public way.

    Sending a big cyber-hug to you from all of us on the SparkPeople Ideal Protein Team.

    • Thanks Nan. I had a public weigh-in, boys and girls, in my 5th grade classroom as well….in 1985. I would hope to think that such thoughtless public shaming no longer occurs in schools. Because both of those events scarred me, that’s for sure.

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