The Day After Christmas (or is it Groundhogs Day?)


OMG.  Day 1 again.  For real.

I know better than to make such a huge pronouncement of “this is the last day 1….”  Just like at work when you jinx any document by calling it final.  Ugh.

Huge huge huge stress at home.  It is neverending.  Don’t want to blog about it.  It’s just crazy.  And last night I caved, ate some sugar, threw myself out of ketosis, and back to day 1 I go.

I feel like a piece of poo.  Headache, tired, sluggish.  Just like December 26th, 2012 when I ate off plan for the first day since May 30th, 2012.  Also just like December 26th, 2012….I will get right back on the wagon and declare Monday, May 20th, 2013 day 1 again.  Not too much damage was done….just the usual bloating and headache, and days to get back into ketosis. 


I guess it’s good I know it’s stress eating.  At least I’m consciously realizing I’m gorging on sugar to have a temporary relief from stress.

I’m not going to call this day 1.  I’m going to call this I have no idea what.  Do I need to call it anything?

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