Ketosis again


Day 4 and I can only assume I’m in ketosis again.  This morning I weighed in at 191.3, so up .1 from yesterday.  Normal fluctuation, and it probably means I’ve lost the water/glycogen/fake weight and now I’m in fat loss….which is good.  I’ve been completely on plan, so these fluctuations, while irritating, are normal.  It’s the week over week average that I focus on versus daily fluctuations.

Tonight is my weigh-in.  How many times since January have I gone in with the same 10 pounds, and same inches fluctuating?  I don’t even know where I was 3 weeks ago, the last time I weighed in.  But I’m probably at “no change” or “slight change” either way in both weight & inches.  Whatevs.  Monday, 5/13 was my last darn day 1 until I get to my ethereal goal….so I suck it up, go to the weigh-in, buy some space food, and move on.

Been very busy today at work, which is a good thing.  I’ve got a few things on my mind that I need a distraction from.  Nothing for anyone to worry about, just being honest.  Two important people to me are going through something today that I cannot help or do anything about, other than lend my emotional support….which I’ve done.  What’s left is for God, the gods, the universe, whomever, whatever to handle.

Peace out.

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